March Gemstone of the Month - Aquamarine by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 3/9/2019
Category: Astrology

March's amazing birthstone is the calming Aquamarine.

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Aquamarine, the gemstone for Pisces, is said to be the stone for those in positions of authority, who know what they want out of life and are not afraid to get it. Many are attracted to this stone because of its quite intense color and clarity. The Aquamarine seems to endow it's wearer with a sensitivity, and awareness of others feelings. Many very confident people seem to be attracted to this gem.

All about Aquamarine
It seems that the more clarity the stone possesses, the more energy it can transmit, frequently endowing courage and confidence to those who decide to wear it.

The stone is colored a transparent blue to sea-green, and is part of the Beryl family. Beryl itself is a very important gemstone mineral, which boasts emerald, morganite, and heliodors as its family members.

Principle areas where Aquamarine is found are Brazil, India, Russia, and the United States. The most desired form of Aquamarine is clear blue, without any green coloring.

The Gemstone of Sailors 
Aquamarine, by virtue of its name and coloring was always believed to ensure safety when traveling over water. This is the gemstone of sailors. Ancient Roman fishermen used the gemstone for protection while working on water, and also for bringing in a good catch. Roman physicians believed the stone aided with digestion and in reduction of body fluids. Roman craftsmen created goblets of Aquamarine because it was considered a great purifier. 

A Stone of Peace
Those who gravitate toward Aquamarine are usually fanciful and imaginative, although sometimes a bit self-focused. They are a healers, soothers, calmers, and protectors. These folks are perfect conduits for those who are too forceful, too strong, with powerfully heavy energies.

Aquamarine is thought to be the stone that can pick up spirit energies. It is also considered an excellent aide for meditating. It can bring very peaceful and serene energies to any meditating session. It has been used to receive wisdom to discover the truth in very advanced meditations. 

If you are one of the fortunate ones to possess one of these gorgeous blue stones, use your Aquamarine to cool, calm, and heal over-stressed nerves. You will find it can provide calm, soothing effects, just like the sea itself.

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