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Manifest Your Desires: A Podcast for Fire Signs by Psychic Moira

Date 4/7/2021
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Harness the Elemental power of the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) to manifest your goals and dreams in this guided meditation podcast. Psychic Source Advisor Moira will help you find your Fire, and focus on your unique expression to balance your energy.

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By Psychic Moira x7776

Come and Sit by the Fire!
What do Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have in common? They are the Fire signs of the Zodiac. Symbolically, Fire indicates consciousness and compulsion; it is also considered sacred energy, psychic, sexual, and spiritual power. In ancient times, to possess Fire was to command energy. To the higher metaphysician, Fire represents spiritual illumination. 

The Power of the Flame
People born with planets in Fire Signs, or with a Fire sign rising are known to demonstrate sudden illuminating flashes of insight and brilliant bursts of enthusiasm. They can inspire others with their passionate expression, bright ideas, and ardent zeal. Fire signs can be exceptionally intuitive, naturally relying on their gut instincts. They will most often trust their inner GPS and follow intuition, skipping more than a few steps along the way.  

Astrology follows the four seasons, corresponding to the four Elements. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter each have a beginning, middle, and end. The elements of the Zodiac; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are grouped in three unique expressions called modalities; Cardinal (prime, moving), Fixed (secure), and Mutable (changeable). 

Fiery Aires
Ruled by Mars, fiery Aires (March 21 – April 19) is the first sign of the Zodiac, and its expression is Cardinal. It represents the spark of intuition, creation, and passion. A new Astrological year begins with Aries; it marks the first Day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox. New beginnings are possible, and everything is blooming. Calm and quiet are not your first choice, and the year to come promises fresh and thrilling stimuli. Look within for ideas.

Powerful Leo
Leo (July 23 – August 22), Fixed Fire, ruled by the Sun marks the high point of Summer. Leo's powerful Fixed Fire energy emanates from persistence and determination, rooted in the middle of the summer season, radiates the full force of Summer and life in full bloom. Leo marks the middle of the season and the power of sustaining.  Leo, look no further than your subconscious for answers. You have the highest success when you follow your instincts and hunches. 

Optimistic Sagittarius
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21), ruled by the planet Jupiter, is the sign of Mutable Fire of the Zodiac and it acts as the messenger. Sagittarius is an agent of change connecting the autumn season to Winter.  Mutable Fire represents the end of the season and the power of transformation. Dust off your boundless optimism, and take stock of the remarkable changes you’re making in the year to come.

You may have planets in each element, with a dominant energy expressed through one or more modality. Perhaps your chart is lacking in Fire; you may find yourself attracted to someone who possesses an overabundance of that element.  Our Fire Element Mediation speaks to everyone, whether you are born under a Fire sign, or find yourself drawn to the warmth and inspiration of the Fire Element.

Using the Fire Element Meditation, you can find your Fire, and focus on your unique expression to balance your energy.  We'll concentrate on harnessing the individual expression of potential through the Seasons to manifest your goals and dreams for the coming year.  

Bright blessings, 
Moira x7776

Audio Transcript
Announcer: Welcome to Psychic Sources Meditation Podcast. We hope this meditation will help you harness the power of the fire element and use it to manifest your goals and dreams. Our featured advisor, Moira, can be found on under Extension 7776. 

Moira: Fire, it indicates consciousness and compulsion. Fire represents sacred, psychic, sexual and spiritual energy. In ancient times, to possess fire was to command power. To the higher metaphysician, fire represents spiritual illumination. The most common symbols of fire are, of course, the flame and the sun. The triangle represents fire to the alchemist. In the Tarot, we see fire symbolic of conversion. Fire's transformation and conversion can be useful or destructive. The Major Arcana card, The Devil illustrates the constructive use, refining raw crude into gold. The Tower shows a visual of destruction as the fire rages and the tower falls. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fire signs of the Zodiac. However, our fire element meditation speaks to everyone, whether you are born under a fire sign or find yourself drawn to the warmth and inspiration of the fire element. 

Before we begin our meditation, find a place to sit or rest comfortably. Take a deep, relaxing breath and close your eyes. Imagine very clearly that you are relaxing in nature. Perhaps you are supported by a warm rock or moss or a beautiful blanket of soft grass. Notice the clouds drifting across the perfect blue sky and become aware of the bright, warm sun. Feel the radiance and warmth of the sun shining down upon you. A warm breeze moves over you and tall trees sway in the distance as nature creates its unique and beautiful song. The sun's rays of golden light warm your face, warm your body, and the sunlight represents all that is good in life. Love, peace, serenity and tranquility. Pure relaxation, growth and prosperity. Allow the sun's warm light to envelope you, to flow over you and to flow through you. Relaxing every muscle, fiber, cell and tissue as it flows from head to toe, allow it to relax your entire body completely. Your face softens, your eyes rest and your mind simply drifts. You can allow your awareness to become aware of your unconscious mind. Notice every change that is taking place right here and right now. Become aware of your body's heat, its warmth. Experience the heat of the body and feel the contrast of the cool, fresh air as you breathe in, and the warm breath as it leaves your body. Feel your heart beating rhythmically. Become aware of your heartbeat. And now, feel the sparks of fire moving like electricity through your muscles, through your cells. Become aware of your body and the divine energy borrowed from the fire element outside and all around you. 

Each day, you fill your body by taking in the sun's energy. The sun on your skin, the sun in the food you eat. You warm yourself in the rays of the sun and you give thanks for the sun and the fire element as you refuel your body, because the fire element is forever. It is always reappearing and always leaving, radiating from your skin, floating away as you exhale. The fire element is constant, ever flowing through you, unstoppable. Focus on the fire element within your mind. Fire gives you wings of courage, compassion, devotion. It is the force burning within you, inspiring your willpower, your passion, allowing you to achieve your goals. Fire is the element burning in your soul, moving you to stand in the face of adversity, to fight for your beliefs and for your truth. Fire is the dream, the virtue, the faith in your honesty and in your passion. It is the flame of your sincerity and the intensity of your convictions. 

Take a deep relaxing and transformative breath and remember back to a time when you believed in happiness, when setbacks were merely feedback that you could use to your continuous success. You can review the path which led you here. Admire all that you have accomplished thus far, all the obstacles you have overcome. You are ready to accept your fire and your love and abundance, all that is yours by divine right. Accept it into your life now. Feel the warm sun. Breathe in cool air and release all fear into the past. Find your fire and transform. Breathe in and release. You can, at this extraordinary moment, allow yourself to dream, one soul, one life, one goal, a golden glance of what should be and will be. Life is perfect, you are perfect, you are joyful and alive. Feel your fire. It tingles through your body, it resonates through your mind, and you embrace your fire and your passion. You embrace the world and you love it all, and you own it all, and you take it all and feel the oneness now and for all time. 

And now, rest. Rest awhile now and when you are ready, open your eyes, feeling awake and refreshed, transformed and renewed. 

Announcer: We hope you enjoyed this Psychic Source Podcast Meditation. For more information about tapping into your innate gifts, please visit Moira or any of our gifted advisers at

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simsim: this is amazing!! my sun sign is Capricorn but my Venus is in sagg & mars is in aries.

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