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Manifest Your Desires: A Podcast for Air Signs by Psychic Bonnie

Date 4/7/2021
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Guided Meditation Podcasts
Harness the Elemental power of the Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) to manifest your goals and dreams in this guided meditation podcast. Psychic Source Advisor Bonnie will help you work on bringing purpose and awareness to your thoughts and beliefs.

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By Psychic Bonnie x7982

Air is associated with the mind, wisdom, spirits, and soul. They are known as the thinkers and the communicators of the zodiac. Individuals born with the sun in Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), Gemini (May 21 – June 20), or Libra (September 23 – October 22) are ruled by the element Air. 

What are the characteristics of Air Signs?
All things mental define Air Signs. They are very curious and idealistic, tend to have interesting perspectives, like to analyze and solve problems, can see all sides of a situation, and like to settle things on an intellectual level. As the communicators, they can be very lively and social, wanting to talk and talk and share what they think. They also want things to be fair and just and prefer cooperation over conflict or competition.

In the same way that the wind flows freely and can go around any obstacle, Air Signs can be very flexible and find innovative ways around blocks. They need to feel free to move and change and are happiest in situations that give them freedom.

They can also blow hot and cold and move from one idea or project to another quickly, which can be refreshing when a breath of fresh air is needed to clear out stagnant energy. On the other hand, it can be disconcerting. If they don't stay grounded, they can quickly shift their thinking and get lost in all the ideas, like a leaf blowing in the wind.

What does this mean for Air Signs?
If you are an air sign you may find it difficult to choose from all the information and ideas that come to you, or to bring your ideas from the clouds to the ground for practical use. In my meditation we will establish a grounded and centered state and connect with air energy through breath and visualization.

We will also work with intentions that support you to welcome and trust the ideas that come to you, tap into information beyond the usual sources (the Internet), and focus on intentions that honor your divine right to be exactly as you are: a wonderful and quirky, “airy” person taking practical steps to intentionally create the life you want to experience.

What is an intention?
An intention is often considered a goal, but it is more than that. It is on-purpose and conscious and it carries with it the power of thought, and that power accumulates every time you think a certain thought. Repeated thoughts become beliefs and beliefs guide everything you do. Affirming intentions in a meditative state helps you to gain clarity about what your intentions really are and it gives power to those that you consciously choose.

In this guided meditation we will work with the idea of bringing purpose and conscious awareness to our thoughts and beliefs, and choosing those that support us to create an amazing journey in the New Year. 

Audio Transcript
Announcer: Welcome to "Psychic Sources Meditation Podcast." We hope this meditation will help you harness the power of the air element and use it to manifest your goals and dreams. Our featured adviser Bonnie can be found on under Extension 7982. 

Bonnie: Welcome to this meditation for air signs. In preparation for this meditation, find a place that is quiet, without distractions, and that feels safe to you. It helps to define your space by imagining a boundary around you, a square, or a circle, or even the walls of a small room. Set an intention for the space to be free of distractions, safe, and to be filled with only those energies and information that support your well-being and the purpose of this sitting. Take a moment to think about a project or goal you want to accomplish or a way of being that you want to embody. To further set the space, you may choose to light a candle or burn your favorite incense or sage. Though this isn't necessary, it can help to bring the mental nature of meditation to the physical level. When you are ready, let's begin.

Sit in a comfortable position within this space you have created. Close your eyes and allow your senses to pay attention to your breathing. Just notice the feeling of the air as it enters your nose, and how it feels as you breathe out. Focus on how it feels, there is no right or wrong, just watch your body breathe. Notice how your chest and belly expand as you breathe in. And fall slowly as you breathe out, focusing all of your attention on how your body feels. Breathing in, breathing out. Two more breaths, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Now, imagine a ball of light at the base of your spine. Notice how you notice it. Do you see it? If so, what color is it? Describe it to yourself. Do you feel a physical sensation? Perhaps a warm or tingling sensation or something else?

Maybe you hear it, If so, what type of sound do you hear? Just notice. Now, imagine a strong cord extending from this ball of light into the earth below you. Observe with all of your senses this cord going deep into the earth, connecting you to the center of the earth, grounding and stabilizing. Holding you safe and secure and grounded, like the roots of a big oak tree. Now, bring your awareness to your heart. Imagine a ball of light in the middle of your chest where your heart is. Focus on this area and allow yourself to feel your heart beating. Notice what you notice. Now, bring your awareness to the top of your head. Imagine a ball of light hovering there. Just notice what you notice about it, the color, the size, how it feels and sounds to you. Now, imagine tendrils of light rising out of the top of this beautiful ball of light. Imagine these tendrils are connecting you to the source of all that is.

Now, take a deep breath in, and out. Imagine and know in the deepest part of you that information and energy moves back and forth through these tendrils of light like fiber optic cables. Know that you are in charge of what information and what energy is exchanged here, you get to choose. What you choose is limited only by your belief of what may be possible. Own your divine right to be, to receive, and to do as you wish. Now take a slow deep breath in and out. I would like to invite you now to repeat the next several phrases after me. And as you say these words, notice what you feel in your body and what thoughts cross your mind. Suspend judgment, just notice. I welcome new ideas and new ways of interpreting myself, my life, the goal I am currently working on, the way of being I want to embody. 

I trust that I am always supported, that everything I need comes to me, that I am always safe, and I honor my divine right to be exactly as I am. And that I can change at any time if I choose to. I am open to being aware of those thoughts and beliefs that make my life and my world as it is. I am safe. I am willing to change my thoughts. I'm willing to change my beliefs. I am divinely guided in every moment. I'm willing to consciously choose thoughts that support my well being. Everything is turning out better than I could ever imagine. Take a slow deep breath in and out. Now state a goal that you have been wanting to accomplish or a state of being that you want to embody. Just allow yourself to know the perfect goal to work with at this time. It may be different the next time you listen to this meditation, just know what is best for now.

Imagine yourself as having achieved this goal. Noticing what it feels like, what you're doing, where you are, who is around you. Now I invite you to ask yourself, what next steps are in front of me? Allow yourself to know the answer. Ask yourself what can I do in the next day or two to support myself and this goal? Imagine yourself doing this action. Now, thank your guides for supporting you and repeat after me, in the hours and days ahead, I am open and receptive only to those energies and information that keep me on track, that moved me to the right places, that connect me to the right people, to the right ideas, and to the right actions. I am taking actions that support me. I am in the perfect place at the perfect time, all is well. Now, bring your attention to your heart and allow yourself to feel the love and the peace that is there.

Now bring your attention to your hands and your feet, wiggle your fingers and your toes, and slowly bring your awareness back into the present moment, aware of your body and the things around you. I thank you for being you.

Announcer: We hope you enjoyed this Psychic Source Podcast meditation. For more information about tapping into your innate gifts, please visit Bonnie or any of our gifted advisers at

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