Make Friends With An Emotional Cancer

Published Date 7/1/2013
Category: Astrology

Making Friends With An Emotional Cancer

There's nothing quite like the feistiness of a Cancer, but not everyone is prepared for what these individuals bring into their lives. If you have a new colleague at work and she happens to be a Cancer, there are a few ways you can prepare for associating with her on a frequent basis.

An easy tactic is to familiarize yourself with the traits associated with Cancer. Individuals born between June 21 and July 22 are known for keeping their feelings relatively hidden from the rest of the world, according to The Huffington Post. However, they tend to be emotional people - don't be surprised if there's a certain amount of drama that surrounds your colleague!

Despite their exterior and tendency to be off-putting, it's worth noting that Cancers are very sincere and nurturing. If you're interested in making a new friend who will stick by you through thick and thin, consider getting to know this Cancer.

If you want to know if an additional friendship is in your future, consider tarot readings for more insight. Phone psychic readings can let you know what the coming months hold for you and your new co-worker.


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