Lucky Colors to Attract Holiday Romance by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 12/3/2018
Category: Astrology

Looking for love at the holidays? Wearing your lucky colors may help!

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Colors have special vibrations that send signals to us every day. Some colors attract, some reject while others lift our spirit or heal our soul.

The colors we have in our homes and wear on our backs can have an effect over our daily life. Choosing the right colors can boost your personal aura of attraction, enhancing your ability to manifest a romance. 

Just a little of the colors tied to your astrology sun sign can set the heart light of attraction and enchantment in motion. The closer to the face or heart the better, but one should not underestimate the power of colorful shoes, dresses and certain accessories like scarves, hats, gloves and jewelry. 

The holiday season is all about the brightness of color that shimmers and sparkles making our world into a winter wonderland. Accessorize with color and watch the magic happen!
Discover your lucky colors for a holiday romance by looking up your sun sign and have fun over the holidays!
For each sign, you’ll see a powerful color pairing, as well as a complementary hue.  Tastefully work as many lucky colors into your wardrobe as possible for maximum results! 

SCORPIO: Hot Pink/Black and Gingerbread Brown
PISCES: Pale Blue/Sand and Fuchsia
CANCER: Ruby Red/Classic Silver and Turquoise
SAGITTARIUS: Christmas Red/Ivory and Salmon Pink
ARIES: Burnt Orange/Periwinkle Blue and Burgundy Red
LEO: Gold/Winter White and Royal Purple
CAPRICORN: Cranberry Red/Lavender and Chocolate Brown
TAURUS: Forest Green/Tangerine and Royal Blue
VIRGO: Pale Pink/Pine Green and Lemon Yellow
AQUARIUS: Electric Blue/Rust Red and Spring Leaf Green
GEMINI: Lime Green/Tan and Shocking Pink
LIBRA: Snow White/Raspberry Pink and Smoke Grey

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