Living in the Year of the Fire Red Monkey by Psychic Jackie

Published Date 6/24/2016
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What makes this year extra lucky?

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Most people know their zodiac sign. But they don’t always know their Chinese astrological sign. The word “zodiac” comes from ancient Greek and means, “circle of animals”. It was also the Greeks that first divided the heavens into 12 sun signs that fall into each month. Each sign tells you the Sun’s exact position in relationship to earth in your astrological chart. Your “Sun Sign” represents personality, talents and potential.

The Year of the Monkey
The Chinese New Year however is different. It begins on the second new Moon following the Winter solstice. In 2016, this took place on February 8th. Chinese astrology divides the signs on an annual, not a monthly basis. Every 12 years a sign cycles. People born in 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and of course 2016 are born in Monkey years. 

Clever Little Monkeys
The Monkey is a lot like Leo in their personalities. If you were born in a Monkey year, you are dramatic, uninhibited and appreciate romance. Most Monkeys are born leaders. They are clever, social and certainly entertaining. They love to master new skills and are adept with technology. They can be highly competitive. The Monkey loves to play but insists that they make up their own rules. 

A Year of Luck and Change
In Chinese astrology, individuals share traits that mirror the larger energy. When combined with the Taoist elements (Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water) you discover the intensity of the year. This is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. That means there will be quantum changes in the world. Expect anarchy, innovation and, at times chaos. Those born in Fire Monkey Years are more passionate, more determined, more action oriented and sometimes a little angrier. Monkey years are always lucky. But the Fire Monkey years are extraordinary. 

This is a cutting-edge time. It’s time to shake things up. So go with it! Get into action. Blaze a new trail. And don’t be surprised if you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

To learn more about the Chinese Zodiac and determine your sign if you are not a Monkey, check out this article written by Psychic Advisor Arthur for further information! 

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