Jupiter Enters Scorpio - Discover How Mr. Lucky Will Affect Your Sun Sign by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 10/8/2017
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How will lucky Jupiter touch your life this year?

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Jupiter moves into Scorpio on 10/10/17 for one year till 11/9/18. It brings a real boost for all Water and Earth signs but Scorpio is the grand prize winner. You could say it is Scorpio’s rock star year! The Fire and Air signs will pull in enhanced growth exploring new life opportunities by stretching outside their comfort zone. Protection, luck and expansion is sprinkled over all astrology signs.

Look up your Sun Sign and see how lucky Jupiter touches your life this year.

You are super charged with amazing stardust this year. People notice and hear you as you manifest personal goals. Your extra stardust pulls in important contracts as doors finally open. A very romantic meeting could change your life in spring 2018.
PISCES: Luck follows you as you expand your life through travel. People from far way places charm you. Taking a class or seminar could bring luck and boost your career options.
CANCER: Luck comes to you with the smiles of children. This could manifest through a surprise pregnancy or work through a community outreach project. Your imagination is in high gear. Maybe it’s time to put pen to paper and write that book you have dreamed about.

Luck comes to you through your intuition, dreams and hunches. An insightful door opens as an angel on your shoulder protects and guides you. Despite any twists and turns, believe in you and your work and anything is possible this year.
ARIES: Luck comes to you through other people’s resources as banks bring helping hands and help manifest a long-held dream. Small windfalls are possible. Any delays or adjustments will be worth the wait as it is all good in the end.
LEO: A lucky break could come your way tied to a home with either a new purchase or renovations that could add value to your property. This points to important endings and new beginnings that bless long term security for you. A roommate could help with expenses.

A lucky gift of a friendship brings an unexpected opportunity to manifest a long-term goal. The pooling of resources brings success and freedom so important it will offer wholeness into your life this year.
TAURUS: Lucky blessings smile on your personal and professional relationships. It will be a great year to marry or partner with someone (or a group) in business. Better communication helps resolve differences important to your heart this year.
VIRGO: Lucky times for your creative projects from authors, musical folks, decorators and the like. All public relations bloom as the public could be fascinated with you. Look out for short trips that could be hectic. Luck smiles on a new car.

You don’t like to rock the boat but this year speak up about your concerns. Luck follows your income covering a raise, promotion or a surprise bonus. The possibility of receiving a lump sum of money could come to you as a sale proceeds from property, a book advance or a simple gift.
AQUARIUS: Luck brings fated moments that touch your career. Watch out for the flow of opportunities as your public image attracts attention. Freedom brings a release from a current difficult situation that allow you an upward mobile leap.
GEMINI: Luck brings honors and recognition to you. Your daily tasks grow easier as you find it possible to start taking care of your obligations. It will be a good year to catch up and pay off debts.

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Seagreen1304: Hope this transit is my year. It will be transiting on my birth chart and remember when it last transited years ago I was being tolerant around people and organizations and though from experiences from my youth of remembering how stereotypically they were I shouldn't been there. Doubting myself at that phase in my life, confused and cornered to being there and I ended up getting exploited, inadvertently sharing my gifts/skills to the staff and organizations who were watching who didn't deserve it and top of that dealing with their nonsense and issues as well as people and organizations in other areas of my life whose actions online that definitely warrant them being sued. The previous Libra transit I had to deal with some people who are shady, want something for nothing, taking advantage of me, people with mental/neurological disorders, no respect of boundaries, no filter, abusive, having delusional thoughts of what they think of my relationship with me is (i.e.: think I'm their friend when never claim to be theirs', not understanding that I don't want to be theirs' anymore nor associate with them anymore because of what you did), etc. I was told they would not be around for long but seems I was given inaccurate advice by these things I was asking about by PS. Am no saint and myself a work in progress continually fixing things as I go along, these people in the workplace are still around with chunks of my earnings lost and spending more because of trying to pinpoint of what was up with these people. I hope and want this transit to be good for me (which seem so far not to be showing promise of good things for me but a continuation of the past transit but will wait and see in the days, weeks and months ahead) that I'm continually earning more and more, financially independent/comfortable, spending less and saving more, winning stuff, socially flourishing in meeting new good trustworthy people outside of work and offline, having time to focus on other things I wish to achieve in my life in what I can achieve and what time I have left on this earth, getting permanent help from good people and services (i.e.: legal, medical, career, financial help, etc.) that are in high places offline when needed if needed, getting correct, accurate and wise advice from all aspects of my life and that those who caused me problems particularly in the workplace in 2/2.5 years I been there will be gone and not deal with these type of problems again.

Heather3745: WOW. I'm a SAGITTARIUS and this is 100% true

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