July Blue Moon Madness by Psychic Arthur

Published Date 7/31/2015
Category: Astrology

An event like this only happens Once in a Blue Moon!

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You know that saying, “Once in a Blue Moon?” Well, in layman’s terms, it usually means an unusual, rare occurrence or something that only happens only once in a while. Well, in astrological terms, it means something completely different – and it’s happening today… July 31, 2015!

Astrology and the Blue Moon
The expression “Blue Moon” actually refers to the second Full Moon that shows up in one calendar month. While we usually have 12 Full Moons during each month of a calendar year, about every two to three years there’s an “extra” Full Moon – and that’s what we call the Blue Moon.

In July of 2015, the first Full Moon happened in Capricorn on July 1st, and the second Full Moon, in Aquarius, the “Blue Moon,” occurs on July 31st. In fact, there won't be another Blue Moon like this until 2018

Living Under a Blue Moon
So, how does this affect us? While full moons can affect people in many different ways depending on their Natal Chart, there is one thing that they all have in common. Full Moons have a way of amplifying our energy fields and force us to awaken to our higher potentials. In other words, Full Moons are emotionally charged, so any time there are two Full Moons in one month, things could become a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for some people. 

A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself also has a relationship to the previous new moon, which we experienced on July 15, 2015. So, projects you started during the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed.

Now, since energies will be running high during this Blue Moon, you might feel over emotional; feel “electric,” experience trouble sleeping. And if you do sleep you may want to take notes about any expressive dreams.

It’s All About Energy!
So, what the best way to “shield” or protect yourself from any unwanted “kray-kray” entering your life? Easy! It’s all about energy. And the best way to balance yourself with energy is to literally “ground” or “Earth” yourself by walking bare foot on the ground, or while swimming in a lake or the ocean. Connecting your body with nature is the easiest and simplest way to stay, well, grounded. 

Aren’t you glad this only happens “once in a blue Moon?” LOL 

If you need any tips or feedback on the upcoming blue Moon, give me a call and we’ll get you grounded – somehow!

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