July Full Buck Moon Aspects and Supermoon Rituals by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 7/11/2022
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On July 13th, 2022, we will be facing what is known as a Supermoon since the moon will appear exceptionally bright due to being closer to Earth than normal, creating a more prominent appearance and increased tidal energy. In summary, the moon's power will be supercharged and provide much more intensity than the characteristic monthly lunar cycle, which means things can undoubtedly get out of control if we are not prepared. Luckily, the Full moon is in Capricorn, an Earth sign that tends to provide us with the ability to remain a bit more focused. In addition to the astrological features, the lunar cycle of July is referred to by Native Americans as the Buck Moon.

Full Moon Over City

The Moon’s Role Throughout History and Culture

The moon's role has held a significant spot throughout history; various cultures have used the moon’s reflective energy to gain personal insight and guidance. Culturally the moon has been regarded as a valuable navigational tool not only for astrology but in farming, hunting, navel navigation, feminine mysteries, and ritual work. 

Native American Full Moon Names

Different cultures have embraced the moon’s magnetic aspects and have assigned specific attributes based on local folklore.  For instance, Native Americans in the USA have given names to the monthly lunar cycle based on various associations with nature. Each month reflects specific activities in nature, which provided native communities with the tools and insight to develop their hunting, farming, and harvest gathering strategies.

January Full Wolf Moon

The January Wolf Moon is based on the large quantities of wolves howling during this particular time of the year. Our instincts awake, and our senses become connected to others after a period of reflection and rest. It is a period of reconnecting and awakening.

February Full Snow Moon

The February moon is known as the snow moon since this month often had the heaviest snowfalls throughout the year. Also, other names were Bear Moon, Eagle moon, and groundhog moon, to name a few. Though our senses are alert, we patiently have to wait to act.

March Full Worm Moon

In March, the first signs of spring can be witnessed around this period, which means the earth softens enough to allow the earthworms to surface, hence the name Worm Moon. We slowly make room for new things by adjusting and learning how to navigate things after a period of being dormant.

April Full Pink Moon

The April Pink Moon is named after some of the first wildflowers flowers that appear in early Spring. The month of April provides us with renewal and a sense of revival, allowing us to let go of the winter stagnation.

May Full Flower Moon

The Flower Moon name simply reflects the abundance of flowers blooming during May. This month allows us to enjoy the little things and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

June Full Strawberry Moon

The June Strawberry moon is named after the bounty of ripened strawberries. Also. Known as the Birth moon, Blooming moon, and Berries Ripened moon, to name a few. In general, this moon symbolizes abundance and joyfulness.

July Full Buck Moon

July’s Buck Moon was named after the male dear whose antlers regrow each summer. The regrowth of the antlers represents how the circle of life moves throughout the seasons and reminds us that things heal and repair, even after difficult periods.

August Full Sturgeon Moon

The August Sturgeon Moon depicts a period when the sturgeon fish is readily available, specifically in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain region. This month provides an opportunity for fishing since the sturgeon is in abundance. On a spiritual level, this month reminds us to act and not let opportunities slip away.

September Full Harvest Moon

September’s Harvest Moon occurs during the period devoted to gathering the summer crops and preparing for the changing seasons. The Harvest is often celebrated on the Autumn equinox, also known as the first Thanksgiving, where the bounty of the Harvest is celebrated. This month is about celebration and gratitude.

October Full Hunters Moon

We see the October Hunters Moon just before the winter’s cold spell is ready to take over. It is during this time most animals have gained much of their winter fat and are preparing for an extended hibernation period. Typically, during October, hunters would take the opportunity to hunt for their food supply of meat and fur since animals are fatter and their hair is thicker during this period. This month on a spiritual level represents abundance and opportunities.

November Full Beaver Moon

During November, beavers were known to finish their winter constructions and prepare for their winter retreat. As the Beavers prepare for winter, so do the Natives in their perspective communities, hence the name for the November Beaver Moon. In general, planning and being proactive were considered wise during this time of year.

December Full Cold Moon

Finally, the December Cold Moon reflects the coldest period and the long and dark winter nights. During the dark periods, little activity occurred regarding hunting, farming, or gathering the harvest. Typically, the Cold Moon marks a period of rest and reflection.

July Full Buck Moon

Meaning of the July Buck Moon

Now that we have looked at all the full moons, let us take a deeper dive into July’s Full Buck Moon, named for the male deer. For Native Americans, the Buck moon represents the period when the male deer annually regrows their antlers. During the Buck Moon, it is an excellent time to focus on replenishing and taking care of yourself. This is an ideal period to pay attention to things you wish to amplify and increase in your life.

Here are some areas to focus on during the Buck Moon. It is an excellent time to:

  • Reinforce your goals
  • Prepare for change
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Revamp your resume

The aspects of the Native American lunar qualities can be incorporated into your spiritual practices but focusing on the energy of revival and renewal.

Astrological Attributes of the Moon in Capricorn

The full moon is essential for those who understand and appreciate astrological guidance. The moon is not just an enchanting object in the night sky but a vital piece in providing insight into our emotional and spiritual well-being. Each month the moon brings forth opportunities for exploring and harnessing specific aspects that will benefit us.

On July 13th, the full moon will be in Capricorn, which will oppose the Sun aspects of Cancer. The opposition between Capricorn and Cancer can create a shift between emotional well-being and our ability to concentrate. The sign of Capricorn works well in areas that require stability, motivation, and remaining focus. Though the Sun of Cancer can create emotional fluctuation, the Moon in Capricorn will help ground us, especially when facing changes and difficult situations.

Full Moon over water

Supermoon Rituals

To help you get started, remember that July 2022 offers us a supermoon in Capricorn, which is excellent for doing ritual work in the following areas: 

  • Setting realistic career goals or seeking new work.
  • Improving mental focus without sacrificing your intuition.
  • Enhancing your physical stamina.
  • Achieving complex tasks without burnout.
  • Improving your workout routine to include balance and flexibility in your schedule.
  • Embracing your physical reality with compassion and minor criticism.
  • Starting a new health regimen that is stable and healthy.
  • Learning to be less rigid and more flexible in your thinking.

It is important to remember that the Sun in Cancer will add to the overall energy, which means that balance between the physical and the emotional is essential and should not be overlooked.

Full Moon with Clouds

Full Moon Ritual Work

The full moon is an excellent period to create personal self-improvement rituals due to its astrological associations and the unique synergistic combination of the moon’s energy around the specific zodiac. Since each month is focused on a different astrological sign, it is ideal to focus on the astrological sign's qualities and designing your practice to take advantage of the other astrological opportunities. For instance, with the full moon in Capricorn in July, we can utilize the total moon energy to uplift ourselves, improve our motivations, and reinforce our focus to help us achieve specific goals.

Remember that ritual work is nothing more than holding personal space for about any type of spiritual work. Your ritual practice can be as elaborate as you desire or as simple as you like. The key here is to take full advantage of the moon’s energy to reinforce your intentions. The ritual begins and ends when you decide it is over. Before you start, get a notebook and writing tool to document your journey.

Preparing for Your Ritual Work

Use the following format to help you get started if you have never done this type of work before. If you are not new to this experience, use your preferred style of ritual work.

  1. Write down things you wish to manifest on a piece of paper, especially in work, success, or achieving a goal. It is important to actually write them down on paper, not just think them or type them into a digital device.
  2. Once you have a clear idea of what area you wish to manifest, find a quiet place to take a few minutes to meditate or visualize what you wish to attract into your life or the new reality you want to create
  3. In your meditation or visualization, imagine yourself living out precisely what you want to manifest in detail.
  4. When creating your visualization involves all your senses; make sure to include all necessary items such as colors, sounds, texture, and scents.
  5. Now imagine how you feel living out your desires, allow yourself to feel joy, pleasure, and complete satisfaction as you see yourself inside your visualization.
  6. Imagine your entire body feeling alert and completely relaxed, and free of worry, knowing you can live out your dreams.
  7. Now, take this moment to relax and focus on the energy around you. Sitting still and just breathing and noticing how relaxed your body feels. At this point, just let go of all thoughts related to your ritual.

When you feel comfortable, begin to write whatever you experienced during your visualization or meditation. Be compassionate with yourself and avoid criticizing your performance since this is an inner journey, and there are no wrong paths. As you write about your experience, write it exactly as you recall it, without judgment. Describe details such as colors, feelings, thoughts, or physical sensations. As you write, imagine yourself simply documenting the experience without diving into analytical thinking. You can analyze another day when you have allowed yourself to process your experience.

Enjoy the energy of the July Full Buck Moon and your Supermoon Rituals!



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