Is Your Significant Other Cheating? 7 Ways to Know

Published Date 11/18/2015
Category: Astrology

Sneaky cell phone behavior often signals a relationship on the side.

You don't want to think your significant other might have strayed from your relationship, but neither should you ignore the red flags. If you notice these suspicious behaviors, consider the possibility that your other half has started a relationship with someone else.

Friends' Warnings

Since they don't wear the blinders of love, your friends might have extra insight into your relationship. If your buds constantly mutter words of caution under their breath every time your significant other enters the room, listen to them. They've got your best interests at heart, so let them tell you why they're worried about your relationship.

Phone Secrecy

Cheaters often keep their communication devices to themselves. If your significant other keeps his or her phone within reach at all times and refuses to share the password, for example, he or she probably has something to hide. A cheating significant other might shield a phone or tablet from view or refuse to explain why some of the contacts don't have names attached.

Mood Changes

Guilt can express itself in unexpected ways. Look for signs that your significant other acts out of character, such as by overreacting to benign situations or acting more cheerful than usual. It all depends on the person, but mood changes usually reflect an inner struggle. If you're concerned about the way your partner treats you, book an online psychic reading to help find the source.

Cheating Accusations

Some cheaters use guilt transference, which means they accuse their partners of cheating to cover their own misdeeds. They might want to make themselves feel better about what they've done or their own guilt might make them see cheating signs that don't exist. Either way, beware if your significant other peppers you with accusations.

Frequent Disappearances

Your significant other used to respond to your phone calls before the second ring, but now you get voicemail. Maybe he or she claims to have unspecified obligations, such as "things to do," or perhaps the excuses sound too contrived. Unavailability might mean your partner spends too much time with someone else, so ask yourself whether you feel comfortable in the relationship.

Unexpected Gifts

Your partner never bought you flowers until three months ago; now you've got a fresh bouquet on your office desk every week. Cheaters sometimes assuage their guilt by showering their loved ones with gifts. If the presents grow increasingly extravagant, this might be a sign of escalating guilt.

Irritation at Interruptions

You show up at your significant other's door unannounced, eager to share news or simply spend time together, and he or she responds with anger. This suggests your partner doesn't want you to see something. When you feel frustrated or suspicious, consult a psychic hotline for guidance rather than drive yourself crazy with worry.

Cheating significant others wreak havoc in their relationships and build distrust among all parties involved. If you suspect he or she is cheating, watch for the red flags described above and confront your partner. You'll feel better if you learn the truth.


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