How You Should Relieve Stress Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Published Date 9/16/2020
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Relieving your stress is necessary to staying healthy.

Stress is an inevitable part of life but managing that stress can determine how you feel as you tackle daily tasks. No matter what is causing your stress, finding the right ways to relieve it can improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of health problems associated with high stress levels. Use the traits of your zodiac sign to determine which techniques will offer the best stress relief. You may want to consider working with an astrologer for further insights.


Pisceans tend to stay in touch with their emotions, so feelings of stress can cause a serious imbalance. Releasing some of those emotions through artistic expression can help, no matter what form that may take. If you like to paint, grab your brushes and canvas. Even writing down your feelings can be an expressive outlet. Volunteering is another way to relieve stress for a Pisces, as giving back to a cause offers immediate gratification.


As an Aries, your best option for stress relief is sweating it out. Head to the gym for an intense workout, schedule a session at your favorite yoga studio, or just pound the pavement. Physical exercise is an excellent option for stress release, providing the endorphins you need to feel better. The thrill of competition is also appealing, so finding a way to compete with another person in a physical contest can provide that release, as well.


Those born under the Taurus zodiac sign are generally down to earth, although a session of retail therapy might be in order during times of high stress. Shopping for high-quality items can provide some release. If you like to work with your hands, try gardening or cooking a delicious meal to relieve some of the stress you feel. Downtime may also be a good way to relax and unwind, so try taking a break from what is causing your stress.


The feeling of being stuck in an endless routine can drive a Gemini crazy, so finding a way to get out of that routine and trying something new may be the perfect stress reliever. Traveling is one way, although budget-conscious Geminis may prefer to just watch adventure shows on television. Expressing yourself may also help you get your stress out, whether you're catching up with an old friend or writing your feelings down in a journal.


Cancers tend to feel their emotions deeply, especially when they're feeling negative emotions. Stress can take a toll, causing you to lash out if you don't deal with it properly. Talking to someone close to you can help you get out some of the stress you're feeling, as can receiving physical touch, such as a kiss or hug from a loved one. You may also find that working on your home to make it more beautiful can be a great reliever of stress, so get to work on that DIY project you've been considering.


Receiving compliments is helpful to Leos when they're experiencing stress and negative feelings. If you're in this boat, connect with someone who can build you up. Shopping is another form of release, whether you're in the market for a new piece of jewelry or the perfect sofa for your living space. Look for bright colors and bold pieces that will help lift your spirits.


If you're overworking yourself, the stress may be coming from your professional life. An intense schedule is a common denominator among Virgos, but many will crash when they're not receiving the positive feedback they crave. Looking for ways to boost your own mood may help, such as hanging out with friends who bring positivity and support. You may also find that when your life feels more put together, you feel less stressed internally, so cleaning and organizing your home can help.


Social Libras tend to find that going out with friends can lift their spirits. The scales symbol of the Libra also indicates a need for balance, so learning how to best balance the responsibilities associated with work, family, and downtime can provide major relief from stress. Having something to look forward to can also bring excitement, so planning a getaway may provide that feeling.


As a Scorpio, you are more likely to express yourself freely without holding back your emotions. Therefore, you may lash out if you're not properly dealing with and managing your stress. Adventures that come with adrenaline rushes can help you feel a sense of release, although simply laughing at a comedy show or joking around with friends can help you release your tension, as well. Having some type of healthy outlet is necessary to prevent stress from building up and causing you to feel too overwhelmed.


With your strong connection to nature, you may find that simply spending time outdoors can help you relieve some of your stress. A Sagittarius tends to feel happier when uninhibited, so exploring a new hiking trail or lying in the grass can provide a release of emotions. Planning a new adventure, whether it's a hiking trip or a getaway to another country, can also bring excitement and mental stimulation. If you're not able to get away, reading about other cultures and adventures may be a cost-effective solution.


The ever-responsible Capricorn may feel stressed when those responsibilities lead to a long to-do list that is overwhelming to tackle. Spending time with family or friends can help you feel less anxious about what you have to do, especially as you give yourself a break from your list of tasks during that time. Reaping the benefits of your hard work will also help you feel more fulfilled, so make sure to spend some time treating yourself or recognizing your achievements.


When feeling stressed, an Aquarius needs some type of mental stimulation. Having an intellectual conversation about an interesting topic may be the solution you need. If you'd rather be alone, you can always engross yourself in a good book or even just take some time to relax and meditate.

Stress is something you have to deal with at some point, but knowing how to best manage the feelings that come with challenges will help you overcome. You can always confide in an astrology psychic for further insights into your best stress management techniques.

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