How Can Relocating Change Your Fortune and Future? by Psychic Shawn

Published Date 3/14/2014
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Can you tell what city this is?

Many of us know the power of astrology and how it can help us understand our destiny.  The birth chart is the primary tool that astrologers use to guide a person to fulfill their destiny. This birth chart is also used to enlighten us to our potential, understand our emotional needs, and steer us in our search for a soul mate. 

But, astrology can offer us more than we think.  Did you know that your rising sign sets the mold for where all the other planets fall in your chart?  And that by relocating to a new location, you can change where the planets fall in your chart?  This change in location not only changes your outlook, but can change your fortune as well!

Moving On
Moving to a new city, town, or country can change your whole perspective on life.  It’s like looking through a different colored window than you’re used to.  Well, your rising sign is described as the window through which you see the world, and how the world sees you, like a mask you wear over your real face.  If you were a house, your rising sign would be your front door.  Your rising sign is what changes as you move more east or west.  North and south not so much, unless it’s pretty far.

I Love This Place!
In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good luck.  In your birth chart you may have Jupiter in the 12th house which can be a spiritual blessing, but it may not necessarily give you financial growth and prosperity.  But, by consulting an expert astrologer like myself, we can find a destination that will move Jupiter from your 12th house to your 2nd house, and voila! Suddenly you're making boatloads of money in your new living space.  Sounds great, huh? But there’s one small catch.  You have to move to that place in order for it to happen!

I Never Dreamed Of Finding Someone Like You!
Ever wonder when you’ll find the man or woman of your dreams? I have.  But, did you ever think that moving to a certain place would increase your chances of that happening?  Well, in astrology, Venus is the planet of love.  Let’s say that where you live now, Venus is in your 6th house. Well that’s cool if you like a kick back job or some cool coworkers, or you may even find your lover at work or something.  However, Venus is much stronger for love in your 5th house of romance or your 7th house of marriage. Wouldn’t you like to know where this can happen?

I've Found Success!
Would you like to reach the top of the mountaintop?  Do you lust for fame or authority?  Are you at the top of your game?  Well, I can show you some places that will help you get there.  The Sun in your chart shows where you can truly shine.  It’s where the heart and soul of your chart is, and where you feel proud and fulfilled.  You can be you where your Sun is.  Let’s say your Sun is in your 8th house where you live (which is a very powerful position, no doubt).  But, you’ll have to make some major changes in this lifetime and will need to release some painful experiences.  Still, in a place where the Sun is in your 10th house, everything changes.  The 10th house is the highest point in our charts.  It represents our public image or how the world sees us.  So if the world sees your Sun shining brightly up there, how do you think that would feel? Like success, I would say!

If you would like to find out more about changing your fortunes, an online psychic will certainly answer your questions.
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Colleen1159: I studied Astrology and was always taught that your birth chart is based on the placement of planets at your time and location at birth, and while moving can change some things your sun, rising and moon remain in the same place, and just because you move, your birth time at that location where you were born doesn't change, opportunities may be more plentiful elsewhere, but I don't believe it changes the person you were born to be.

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