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Honor the August Full Sturgeon Moon with These Supermoon Rituals by Psychic Spring

Date 1/14/2023
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Are you ready to connect with the incredible energy of the August Full Moon? Not only that, the Sturgeon Moon this year is also a Supermoon! The energy of this super full moon is here to spark your inner uniqueness. Get ready to let your creativity soar as this Aquarius Sturgeon Supermoon ushers in, occurring August 11th, at 9:36 pm EDT. In this article, you will discover how to get the most out of this transformative energy.  

Not sure what a supermoon is or how to harness the energy of a full moon? Not to worry! We’ll share easy-to-follow rituals that provide perfect alignment with this powerful Aquarian energy. As a bonus, be sure to check out how your astrological Sun Sign is being personally impacted. This Sturgeon Super Full Moon is here to shower you with the blessings of individuality! It is time you learned how to confidently express your uniqueness.

August Full Sturgeon Moon

Why is the Full Moon Phase Important?

The Full Moon is one of the most popular moon phases for many spiritual and magic practitioners. This is the time when the energy of the moon is believed to be most potent, making this lunar period a favorite amongst witches. The full moon phase occurs when the moon has gained full lunar light. This means you can look outside and see that the moon is 100% illuminated. 

The full moon has effects on the Earth’s Ocean tides, animals’ migratory patterns, and even people’s emotions. Ever hear of a raving lunatic? It is even believed that the Emergency Room at hospitals is busier with patient injuries and that more newborn births occur during this time. The full moon’s subversive influence has effects on our dreams, relationships, and even food cravings. 

When it comes to spiritual practices, the full moon phase is a time for release and celebration. Symbolically, it represents the celebration of something coming full circle. It signifies wish fulfillment and the completion of your desires being manifested. The full moon is also a wonderful time for:

  • Cleaning and blessing your home
  • Purifying your aura through spiritual baths or showers
  • Spending extended time in nature
  • Reflection work through journaling and meditation

The Meaning of the Sturgeon Moon

If you’re curious about what a Sturgeon moon means, wonder no more. Each month the moon transitions through a different phase that aligns with the Earth's rotational orbit around the Sun. Each phase coincides with a particular harvest period in which the vegetation produced is affected by the season. This observance was first recorded by the various Northern and Central American Indigenous tribes, as these groups were avid agriculturalists. These native peoples learned to live in synchronicity with nature by observing its patterns. As a result, we today find that each month bears a special name that represents the behavior of animals and nature prevalent during this time of year.

The Sturgeon Moon, also known as the Blueberry Moon or the Green Corn Moon, received its name due to the prosperous amount of sturgeon fish that appear within the Great Northern Lakes of North America during this time. Indigenous native tribes such as the Algonquin peoples observed this pattern along with the abundance of wheat crops. It is to this day that farmers mimic this schedule (hence the Farmer's Almanac) for healthy crop production.

Full Sturgeon Supermoon

What is a Supermoon?

A supermoon is a time when the moon appears brighter than it usually does during the full moon phase. According to NASA, this happens when the moon’s phases occur on an elliptical path, which is an oval pattern. This oval pattern, versus a circular orbital rotation, brings the moon to a closer point to the Earth. This point of nearness is known as the perigee. When a full moon occurs during the same time moon is at the point of perigee, this thus becomes known as a Supermoon. 

Supermoons are a beautiful sight to see. This captivating moon can appear so large that you may be able to visualize the moon’s craters with the naked eye. Esoterically, supermoons pack a mega punch to the transiting cosmic energy that moon’s placement falls in. With this supermoon falling within Aquarius (Uranus), there is a major call to focus on discovering what your unique individual gifts are, and how to bring them forth to serve others!

2022 actually featured a total of four supermoons, with the August Full Sturgeon moon being the final one. We will not experience another full moon supermoon after this until July 3rd, 2023.

What is the Aquarius Supermoon Highlighting for You?

Aquarius is the cosmic symbol of the water-bearer. The act of the water-bearer is to pour and exchange water (or information) from its infinite vessel for those in need. This is why Aquarians often appear as a wealth of knowledge and are very intellectual. As an Air sign, its dominant qualities are strategizing, communicating, and networking. Aquarius is the innovative energy of the zodiac and the independent freethinker. Its ruling planet Uranus, the only planet within our immediate solar system to rotate on a reversed axis, explains why these individuals are considered progressive creatives and innovators. 

That’s why this August’s Aquarius Sturgeon Supermoon is highlighting what makes you a unique and creative individual. This is no TikTok challenge energy. It is not about doing what has already been duplicated. Instead, you are being called to dig deep within and identify those unique ideas, gifts, and talents you possess. Here are some questions to consider. 

Journal Activity: Take 10-15 minutes and record your response to the following questions within a journal:

  • What is something so special and unique about me? 
  • In what ways can I begin nurturing this gift more?
  • How can I begin sharing this gift with others within my immediate community and social circles?
  • In what ways can the world benefit from my uniqueness?

Once you’ve recorded your responses to the above questions, view your astrological Sun Sign placement below. Discover how your zodiac Sun Sign is being encouraged to unfold your unique qualities. Each sign below has a channeled message giving guidance to determine which Chakra can help with this. Use the suggested rituals to best channel and activate this energy. 

How to Unblock Your Sun Sign’s Unique Qualities Through the Chakras

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Aries – Your focus should be on your solar plexus. In what ways have you been limiting your beliefs in your abilities? You may have developed a warped personal view that is limiting you from your full true potential. You already know your talents; you just need to start believing in them.

Suggested ritual: Make a straight-from-scratch batch of lemonade. Use mindfulness to truly consider the process of turning such a bitter fruit into such a sweet treat. Apply this theory to change any circumstance in your life. Not a fan of lemonade? Try instead a different recipe using lemons such as lemon squares or limoncello. 

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Taurus – Draw your attention to the creative arts. There is a need to address your throat chakra and how you are expressing yourself creatively. Your creative gifts are hidden within your ability to create unique art. Redirect your energy from the usual 9-5 routine and start getting creative!

Suggested ritual: Since breaking routine is not something you Taureans love doing, try penciling in time to nurture your creative gifts. Treat this time as a special date with yourself. Set the mood with music and some of your favorite bites. As a Taurus setting the mood should be no tough feat.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini – Your impatience is getting in the way. Your talents are cultivated and ready to be shown to the world, but there is a call to slow down to wait for serendipity. Some opportunities are unfolding for you which are under Divine construction, all you have to do is learn patience. Your root and throat chakras are being called into alignment. 

Suggested ritual: Be mindful of your words right now Gemini! You may find that what you say is coming to fruition quickly, whether good or bad. It is best to redirect your attention by keeping yourself busy with interesting new hobbies and friends. This serves as the perfect distraction to allow your blessings to begin pouring in. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 21)

Cancer – You are being called to let go of a past lover. This could be someone that you are either still in love with or some form of trauma bond that you are ready to release. It is within your sacral chakra that this energy is being stored. To begin sharing your unique gifts, you must first nurture your past to move forward freely.

Suggested ritual: Take a walk near water and place your feel within it. If you cannot reach a natural public water source, give yourself a foot bath. Imagine the water cleansing your soul. Allow the water to take away the memories and ties of the past, washing your emotions anew and restoring your heart space.

Leo (July 22 – August 21)

Leo – It’s time to develop your faith in your Higher power. This is a time when you are being asked to evaluate your spiritual beliefs. Do you have true faith that your prayers and wishes are being heard? To unlock your unique talents, establish a stronger relationship with your spiritual guides and Higher power. Once you do, you will rebalance your crown chakra.

Suggested ritual: Connect with your spirit guides. You can do this in the form of guided meditation or by sitting in silence, quieting the mind, and allowing for any messages or overwhelming feelings to come in. Be sure to keep a journal nearby. 

Virgo (August 22 – September 21)

Virgo – Virgo you are going to recover some passions you have allowed to slip away. Your sacral and crown chakras are being called to your attention. These passions are related to being of service to others. Expect to receive a psychic downloaded message that unlocks the door to a deeply hidden passion of yours. 

Suggested ritual: Sign up for one or two community events and take on a more leadership role. Make sure you are in front of people or working directing with a group of like-minded people. Use your natural gifts of kindness and consideration to delegate efficiently for success with your team goals. 

Libra (September 22 – October 21)

Libra – Libra, with your throat chakra coming into focus this supermoon, you are being guided to expand past your current social circles. New networking groups will help you get your message out there across multiple platforms. Do not limit the way you are communicating your message and the audience you are communicating it to.

Suggested ritual: Take a social media detox. Set 1-3 days aside. Do not check any social media notifications or updates. If necessary, update your audience about your planned short hiatus. During this downtime, ponder on new ways for you to share your creative message. Expand past the current platforms you’ve been using. Join a new networking group of like-minded creative thinkers. 

Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

Scorpio – You are being guided to develop inner trust in your instincts. You may have been getting intuitive nudges to follow through on a decision. In the past you may have been cloudy about how to proceed but following your instincts unleashes the creative freedom you are seeking. To achieve this your entire chakra system needs a cleanse. 


Suggested ritual: Take a spiritual bath or shower by mixing one cup of sea salt, one cup of sugar, and a fully sliced lemon. You can boil the mixture and then add it to your bath water. If you prefer taking a spiritual shower, once the mixture has cooled, and after removing the lemon slices, at the end of your shower pour it over the crown of your head. In both cases, always air dry. Give thanks to your body for the healing it is bringing in.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius - During this supermoon, a spotlight is being placed on your brow chakra and what you value. You are being called to look at the people and objects that you treasure. Ask yourself why you value these things? What is their true worth in your life? Have you developed any emotional attachments to things that are vanity-centered? Observing what you value helps you to determine what is no longer serving you. The objects and people around you are not what makes you unique, you alone are enough, Sagittarius.

Suggested ritual: Declutter and donate any personal valuables that you no longer need. Try not to purchase new items to replace what was discarded. Instead, allow yourself to be comfortable with being without certain pleasures (or people!). Observe how your creative energy feels with less. Do you feel more sparks of inspiration? 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn – Your mission Capricorn is an easy one. It’s time you stopped and smelled the roses you planted so long ago. You are being directed this supermoon to slow down and show self-appreciation. The seeds of your labor are growing and blossoming abundantly. So much that your loved ones and others are noticing, but you may be missing the bigger picture. Don’t get so caught up in the development of things that you forget to enjoy the rewards of your hard labor. This energy is highlighting your crown chakra as a reminder that it's time you celebrated yourself!

Suggested ritual: During this supermoon, take time to write a letter of personal thanks to yourself for all of your achievements, accolades, and demanding work you’ve put in. Create a personal holiday for yourself by scheduling time in your calendar to celebrate. Have fun and even name this day in your honor. Choose to invite loved ones or just spend time alone doing all the things you love most. Oh, don’t forget to take off from work Capricorn! 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius – It is time to let your hair down and let it all go. Aquarians are some of the most busy-minded individuals in the zodiac. As a result, stress and anxieties can build up around the stomach area, causing intestinal discomfort. Your solar plexus is what is needing your attention during this supermoon falling into your zodiacal house. Avoid drowning yourself in worries. Instead, have a little fun and allow the joy of life to take you over. 

Suggested ritual: Write out all of your fears and worries onto a piece of paper. Once done, use tongs and a fire-safe pot to burn the letter and bury the ashes outside. You can also opt to just bury the letter as well without burning it. Either way, be sure to exercise fire safety. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 21)

Pisces – Pisces, you too are being directed to work with your crown chakra to re-instill faith in your dreams. As the dreamer of the zodiac, sometimes you may feel that your dreams are too grand, making them impossible to bring to fruition. But the very root of the word impossible is “I’m possible.” Affirm your self-belief. Your visions for the world are not as far off as you think. Even when others are doubting you, you must hold onto your impenetrable faith. 

Suggested ritual: What better way to affirm your self-belief than through affirmations. Create 1-2 easy affirmations such as “I am capable of bringing my dreams into reality.” Repeat these affirmations throughout your day. Journal these affirmations at least 11 times each night before bed. Repeat this for as long as it takes to reinforce your self-belief and inner faith. 

Full August Sturgeon Moon 

Due to the power of this supermoon, there are other energy themes at play. Outside of what your individual astrological Sun sign should be focusing on, here are some other ways this Aquarius Sturgeon Supermoon is keeping us in balance. 

  1. Pay close attention to your mental and emotional health. With Aquarius being an air sign, we are drawn to closely monitor our thought patterns. It is an ideal time to begin looking at your family’s mental health history and address any concerns you may have by consulting a professional mental health practitioner. 
  2. How does your head feel? Since this transiting energy will be affecting the mental house, your mind may be a bit busier than usual. You may find yourself being forgetful and expect to deal with the occasional headache. To help keep on track, write out your daily to-do’s, schedule naps, and remember to include downtime for breath observation and meditation.
  3. As inspiration may strike sporadically, in the usual tradition that Uranus, the God of chaos, often likes to strike. Keep a pen a paper handy and follow those intuitive nudges. Your personal ability to connect your brow and heart chakras is easier during this time. Allowing you to align with what’s in your heart and seeing the vision come through in your mind’s eye. There is no wish too big to be fulfilled during this supermoon!

Another valuable step you can take to harness the abundance of energy coming from this Aquarius Sturgeon Supermoon is by retreating from technology. Aquarius rules technology, the internet, social media, and all forms of communication used through these platforms. As a result, this energy is directing us to go within our own computer systems, which is our mind! Spend time in meditation and discover what unique ideas come to mind. 

There is no better time to begin developing your gifts to share with the world. Allow this August 2022 Sturgeon Supermoon to be your guide towards shining as brightly as a moon amongst stars. 



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Spring is a Shadow-Work Shaman, Intuitive-empath, and Certified Reiki Master. She has been a practitioner of the ancient art of Divination and Reiki since 2018.  She loves traveling to historical sites where she likes to aimlessly wander, indulge in a delicious meal paired with the best glass of malbec. For fun, Spring loves reading, daydreaming, and watching fantasy movies. 


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