Happy Birthday Virgo - Your Stardust for 2017 to 2018 by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 8/22/2017
Category: Astrology

What can Virgo expect for the year ahead?

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The Sun enters Virgo on 8/22/2017. Virgo brings into our lives the importance of the details and getting organized. They are naturally “The Fixers” of the Zodiac helping to cross the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” keeping the rest of us on track. They are conservative by nature but you should never underestimate their deep feelings, sexy side or their unconditional support.

This year Virgo gets a big boost in the creative arena covering sales, the arts, aspiring authors, and anyone seeking work on the silver screen. Words will be your magic this year.
Doors are opening after years and years of trying to light that fire. Saturn, the serious builder, is moving into Capricorn during December 2017 for 2-1/2 years. This is setting the stage for recognition for all your hard work. Believe in you your projects and take a spoonful of courage to step out on your own and everything else is sunshine. By spring 2018 your bank account should begin to reflect an increase which will continue into the summer.
Lucky Money Dates: 10/14/2017 - 11/7/2017 and 3/6/2018 - 4/1/2018
It’s been a long time since someone has brought you flowers. OK, maybe it feels like a lifetime but things are starting to change as people will suddenly start to notice you. Look for someone with strong facial features but classic style. This person listens and has an unexpected, crisp, dry sense of humor. It will be a heart to heart connection. No need to overthink it, just enjoyed being appreciated and loved.
Lucky Love Dates: 12/25/2017 - 1/18/2018 and 2/12/2018 - 3/7/2018
This year the spotlight will be more on siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. Family gatherings will enrich your life. If a new car is needed, a lucky purchase is coming your way during the autumn months. Short trips could end up being a gift to you helping to refresh your perspective on life.
Angel Wings protect your creative projects, transportation and all communications this year.

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