Handling Mercury Retrograde By Psychic Robbi x7928

Published Date 9/6/2009
Category: Astrology

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email_starcluster1It is that magical time of year again.  A time for do-overs, re-evaluations, repairs, resolution and solution-finding, introspection and reflection.  A new Mercury Retrograde period begins September 7th and ends September 30th. What is Mercury Retrograde? The Earth turns on its own axis, and while turning, it revolves around the Sun. The zodiac (made up of 12 signs) is a stationary belt that encircles the Earth. We relate other planets to Earth through their positions to the zodiac belt that surrounds Earth. When Mercury appears to be traveling "backwards" in terms of the forward order of the zodiac signs, it is said to be retrograde. Planetary paths are not circles, per se, but ellipses. Second Chances & Do-Over's!!! Three to four times a year, we enter another Mercury Retrograde (Mercury Rx) period. This is a time for pausing, stopping to catch your breath, for doing things over and for second chances. It is a period for review, for reconsideration and for learning from past mistakes. On the side of caution, this is a time for safe and sane driving habits, for taking care of your motor vehicles and for scheduling repair work. You will want to be careful with communications of all kinds, including speech, mail, email and the written word. Make sure you say what you mean. Look for ways to correct, adjust, revamp, reschedule, repeat and refurbish. Mercury Rx gives you the time you need to catch your breath, to revitalize, to reclaim and to nurture and nourish projects special to your heart. It can also be a time for improving relationships, for starting over and for recommitting. Mercury Rx most often affects the house in your horoscope where the current Mercury is transiting. It also affects communication, short distance travel, some family matters, snail-mail, email, telephone calls, cell phone calls, electronic equipment, motorized vehicles and motorized equipment. It affects technology in general and conversations in particular. Think before you speak and make sure you are being understood and that you understand. Ask questions. Give explanations. Slow down. Take your time. When negatively aspected in your personal horoscope, Mercury Rx will bring challenges, delays or reversals in one or more areas of your life. Your fax machine could break down and need repair, for example, or a preplanned trip to visit loved ones could be postponed or altered in some way. You may find that the postal service delivers your neighbor's mail to you by accident or that you receive someone else's bill, in your name, by mistake. This is a good time to get needed repairs, alterations or to change your mind. When positively aspected in your personal horoscope, Mercury Rx will be a time period wherein you can catch up with your life and you will be able to get a lot of things done that had heretofore been problematic for you. Often, you can iron out any wrinkles in your life and gain understanding or insight with someone with whom you have had relationship difficulties. Mercury Rx will give you the opportunity to reexamine things and to chart out new paths or enlist the aid of others. You can mentor or be mentored. You can change directions or cancel something altogether. You will function best during any Mercury Rx period, no matter how the aspects impact your life, by staying open-minded, by taking a breather and reflecting on your life and circumstances, and by being willing to change, manage or revise. Your free will and your ability to analyze and discern your choices in life will always be your greatest allies.

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