Good Things Coming by Psychic Donovan

Published Date 8/17/2011
Category: Astrology

From the Psychic Source Archive

August 12th through the 22nd, respectively, is a mighty fine time to begin a new project. This is the 3rd decan of Leo: a ten day period when Leo is sub-ruled by Mars, and a time period when Aries is exalted in the sun (the real ruler of Leo). But what does all this planet referencing mean? With the Aries influence we have the ambition to be dynamic, to start something new, to rise to the top, to see the big picture and to get the ball rolling—right now! Rise to the top with one’s own authenticity shining brightly. Think of The Emperor card in Tarot. Better yet, think of Marlon Brando, Rene Descartes, George Herbert, Betty Ford, and Maya Angelou. With the Mars influence we have the stubborn determination to “get it done” no matter the adversity! Get it done, don’t give up. Remember the Mars energy is the consort of Venus—that warrior energy within you, a fiercely loyal lover of all things beautiful, represents boldness, courage and the fiery passions that inspire courage and creativity. For those who are born August 12th through August 22nd, these are just broad-stroke personality attributes. But to anybody who is interested in launching a project in alignment with celestial influences, this is a mighty fine time to do that. A great time to be dynamic in our daily work. The creators of Tarot in the Qabalistic and Western Mystery tradition denote the above mentioned attributes as being facets of the Seven of Wands card. In the card we see a youth fending off, or aggressing, six wands while holding the seventh wand. The card reminds us to choose our battles carefully. The opponents whom the youth is engaging are unseen; we see only their wands. This is because our only real enemies are our lesser ideas of ourselves. This card and time period does not represent the absence of fear, or the urge to resist and fight against something, it represents that wonderful human capacity to pursue what we care about most. It tells us courage and fear are brothers: one is loved and adored, the other isn’t.  So if you wish to abolish fear, the recipe is quite clear: give that project you’ve been wanting to try to the working hands of the most amazing and noblest being you will ever meet—your own self! Donovan

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