Getting along with the Aquarius you've known since childhood

Published Date 1/23/2013
Category: Astrology

Getting along with the Aquarius you've known since childhood

If you've known your best friend since childhood, it might seem like nothing can come between the two of you - but what if she's suddenly acting snobbier than usual? Has life taken you both down two different paths and you seemingly have nothing in common?

Before you jump to conclusions about your best friend, you might want to consider her astrological sign. If she was born between January 18 and February 20, your friend is a feisty Aquarius. This means that she has a natural tendency to flaunt a know-it-all attitude - it may have just gone unnoticed until now.

Aquariuses also tend to be resistant to talk to others about their feelings, but they're overall friendly people. Try to give your friend the benefit of the doubt if she seems a bit insensitive!

If you're looking for someone to talk to, don't hesitate to go to her with your problems. Aquariuses are great communicators and have open minds.

Speak to your psychic if your best friend's attitude has been bothering you as of late. A phone psychic reading can let you know how compatible your signs are and help you better understand the Aquarius in your life.

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