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Published Date 7/19/2017
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How can the moon's cycle help fulfill your dreams?

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Old folks swore by the Farmer’s Almanac for growing crops. They learned from experience that different times of the month were good (or not so good) for planting and harvesting.

Even if we never step foot in a garden, we can still tap into the stream of life that is channeled by the moon. Her light gives us spiritual signals for manifesting our dreams, tending them into seedlings and harvesting our life’s passion... one month at a time.

While the year’s activity is guided by seasons of the Sun (holidays, school year, fiscal year, and so on), phases of the moon mark the growth of our souls. Each chapter—each moon cycle—is a fresh start for us to imagine and experiment with a new way to live and to be.

Treat a New Moon like New Year’s Eve.
At the New Year—the start of a solar cycle—we make resolutions, plans and commitments. We set intentions and change our behaviors to fulfill the big ideas we have for the year. At the new moon, we get a similar opportunity to change our lives… on a smaller, manageable scale, but no less powerful. 

The effects of the sun are obvious: in daylight, plants grow, skin glows, colors are bright. But the moon’s action is subtle. She works on you, changing a little each night, growing full then fading to black. She is soft and quiet compared to the sun, but the moon’s “delicate” action can move ocean tides and, over time, smooth the sharpest of rocks. It’s this formula for change—light (consciousness) plus movement (action) plus time (consistency)—that makes the moon’s cycle such a useful force for transformation.

A few days before the new moon, think about what you’d like to manifest in the month ahead. Consider the sign of the new moon and the house position it occupies in your natal chart to get ideas about what the moon is “in the mood for” this month, then match your goal to that mood. 

On July 23, 2017, the new moon will occur in the sign of Cancer.
This suggests a focus on family, home and self-care. If Cancer falls in your seventh house, you might add a focus on your marriage or partnership—or manifesting one! Is the Cancer moon visiting your first house? It would be a good month to try new approaches to self-care and self-esteem. 

Wherever she lands, simply tune into your raw feelings and intuition, which are naturally ruled by the moon. What is spirit calling you to express? What are you secretly wishing for? What would make you uniquely happy to achieve or experience? Each answer could be a new moon intention. 

Plant the Seed of Your Intention.
Write it down. Put your intention on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. This is the seed you are planting. It all starts with this intention, the smallest expression of your dream.

On the day of the new moon, conduct a ritual for your intention. This is the planting step. You spoke your wish into form with the words on the paper, now give it a home. You could literally plant the paper in the soil! Whatever the ritual, in soul terms, you are surrounding the seed with all it needs to sprout. What every intention needs to grow, most of all, is love. Love is the ultimate growing medium. Surround the words on the paper with all the love you feel for how that intention will manifest in your life. 

Then, in the week ahead, nurture your intention with positive thoughts and gratitude. Place the paper on your altar, or other sacred place. Attend to it every day, visualize it growing and bursting into life. Pray over it, bring it flowers, burn incense, give thanks… whatever action you feel it needs.

Not All Seeds Will Sprout.
In seven days, at the first quarter moon, your intention may emerge, change or even die. This is okay! Not all seeds can sprout; not all intentions are good. Some take longer than others. If your intention remains silent or invisible, keep nurturing it. If your intention has changed, listen to it and give it what it needs, even if that was not in your original vision.

Watch the Weather.
In two weeks at the full moon, you will get your first definitive signal as to whether this intention is good for you and ready to take root. Pay attention to your dreams now, where the moon can most easily communicate with you. Are signs pointing to continuing with this intention? Or has your interest and focus changed? The moon will likely direct you with a gut instinct instead of words, so trust that.

Plan for the Next Cycle.
After the full moon, start pulling your intention back into your consciousness and reflect on what your next steps should be. If the seed grew well, congratulations! But now you may have to expand your effort and put the seedling in a “bigger pot.” Real work may be required. What was just a thought form in your head has become real. That brings with it the responsibility of care. Show the moon that you will do your part and she will reward you with even more gifts and inspiration.

If your intention fell apart, that’s okay too. Gardening is sometimes “trial and error.” Ask spirit what you can learn from it. You may choose to give up the intention; but, don’t give up the garden. In the fourth week, the contemplative “dark of the moon” phase, take time to study and plan about your wish, then try again at the next new moon. 

As you grow and experiment with moon cycles, your self-knowledge will grow and your power for fulfilling your dreams will become strong. Manifesting with the moon is a dynamic spiritual practice that can be its own reward. Mother moon reminds us that, as beings of light and love, we have infinite creative power when we tune our consciousness to the universe that created us.

Happy planting!

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