February Gemstone of the Month - Amethyst by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 2/9/2019
Category: Astrology

Amethyst is February's beautiful birthstone.

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Those born in the month of February, can claim the beautiful Amethyst as theirs. These are people with creativity and a spirit of spontaneity that is infectious. Generally those who are drawn to this gemstone are caring, kind individuals with a warm nature.

Amethyst comes in a variety of coloring from gray-orchid to red-purple. Those who possess an Amethyst generally want to show it off, to wear it and let it sparkle for all the world to see. Those who love Amethyst seem to want more than one. Amethyst promotes loyalty.

Amethyst Dreams
To dream of an Amethyst usually denotes a highly spiritual or emotional dream. For instance, if you should dream about losing an Amethyst, this could indicate trouble in your love affairs, such as a broken engagement. While just viewing an Amethyst could mean a very serene emotional love, or married, life. If you should see an Amethyst lying on the ground in your dream, this most likely would mean contentment with business affairs (money). If your dream shows you receiving an Amethyst, good fortune will follow all you do. While if you purchase this gemstone for yourself in your dream, the indication is that you are certainly raising your spiritual vibrations. 

The Amethyst throughout History
Amethyst has always been admired in many cultures. Early Arabic peoples held the stone in high esteem, feeling it promoted healing and higher spiritual energies. Amethyst has been put into the rings of Popes, and in the crowns of many kings. In Roman and Greek orgies, it was customary to drink from an Amethyst goblet, therefore promoting harmony while bypassing any morning-after ills. 

Ancient Chaldeans used the beautiful stone to make seals, as did the Egyptians and Greeks. Egyptians used the stone as protection from treachery and surprise attacks while traveling. Jewish priests wore it to symbolize spiritual power. In the 1600’s, Amethysts were considered as valuable as diamonds. Tsar Alexis of Russia, had a throne set with over 1,000 Amethysts.

Amethyst was also considered to be a very powerful psychic stone to safeguard against witchcraft and black magic. It was said that Amethysts would lose their color and turn very pale if placed near an angry, threatening person. 

Uses for Amethyst
Amethyst aids in cleaning the mental and emotional facets, and promotes courage. Amethyst brings harmony to one’s mental, spiritual and physical realities, especially promoting the spiritual. Basically this beautiful stone will enhance your mind and intuition and is a powerful aide when meditating. Use it to uplift your mind, your spirit and spirituality. 

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