Exploring the positive and negative traits associated with Aries

Published Date 9/28/2012
Category: Astrology

Exploring the positive and negative traits associated with Aries

If you've recently found yourself at ends with your best friend, you might be surprised, especially if you've never gotten into a heated argument before. One reason for her hostility might be her astrological sign - have you ever wondered how it might affect her mood and actions?

If your best friend was born between March 21 and April 19, she's an Aries. These individuals are represented by the ram, and the horns are certainly meant to be used during fights of all types. In an argument with your Aries friend, you might find that she's reluctant to back down - Aries are typically courageous and always willing to fight for their cause.

Unfortunately, the downside of this sign is that these individuals are not always good about finishing what they start. If there are loose ends between you and your friend, it may be because she's inclined to walk away before seeking a resolution - a flaw of Aries.

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