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Published Date 10/30/2020
Category: Astrology

After 2020, the next Halloween Full Moon won't occur for 19 years!

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Are you ready for an awesomely eerie Halloween? As if 2020 hasn't been tricky enough, October begins and ends with dramatic Full Moon magic, making the October 31st Full Moon a Blue Moon sure to illuminate all of your mysterious and spooky fun! 

A Rare Sight in the Night Sky

Halloween imagery often depicts ghosts and goblins with a Full Moon rising in the background, but how commonplace is a Full Moon on Halloween night, and how frequently is it a Blue Moon?


The answer is relatively rare, and oddly enough, when a Full Moon occurs on October 31, then the previous Full Moon would also happen in October; thus, when the full moon rises on Halloween, it's a Blue Moon.

Calculated using Greenwich Mean Time, the 19-year Metonic cycle means that on average, a Halloween Full Moon is visible only four or five times per century (or individual lifetime). The most recent one dates back to 2001, and the next full moon on Halloween will not occur until 2039. Plus, this year it all happens on a Saturday, the ideal day of the week for Halloween to take place in my opinion. So, if you miss this perfect combination, you have quite awhile to wait until it happens again!

Illuminate Your Path

October 1, the Aires Full Harvest Moon lights up the sky. Halloween, October 31, the Taurus Full Hunters Moon, in snug conjunction with revolutionary Uranus, opposes the Sun in Scorpio. The Taurus Hunters Moon grounds us, and it does not carry chaos into our lives. Instead, it illuminates our path that we might develop clarity and calmness. Very helpful indeed, when so many things are going bump in the night.

Today's Halloween celebrations connect with the ancient Irish festival Samhain - the end of summer and the beginning of a new year. The dead would visit the mortal world, communicating and interacting with the living. People made bonfires, carved gourds, and wore costumes to confuse trickster spirits.

During the night of All Hallow's Eve, when the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinnest, go outside and enjoy gazing at the Full Moon. We are all connected under luna's spell. You'll surely feel your natural intuitive ability increase as the veil parts, and you begin to sense beyond the linear world, comprehending, with clarity, the universe around you.

Happy Halloween!


I'm so glad we're on this journey together! - Moira


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