Everything You Need to Know About Leos by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 7/28/2013
Category: Astrology

Because their planet is the Sun, Leos radiate energy.

There’s something about Leos beyond their strikingly good looks. Their great hair and beautiful eyes radiate outward, catching your attention like the sparkle of warm sunlight shining through diamonds. This sign’s element is fire, its symbol is the lion, and its planet is the Sun. Very few can turn away from the natural warmth of the sun and its energies.

The many facets of Leo—royal rocker or renegade—like the diamond, can intrigue the public. It’s the way they move and carry themselves, like it’s perfectly OK to celebrate and share their unique qualities of sunlight. But surprisingly, Leos have a high self-esteem with a flaw... insecurity. They spend their lives working on how others respond and relate to them. In maturity they can discover a strong sense of self either through a mate, a family, a prestigious career or even through fame.

Leos have an unmistakable originality and style. In romance, they follow a deep code of loyalty. They’re straightforward, devoted and fair. They also have expectations, so if you’re courting one, make sure you do your homework! Leos like to go first class. This doesn’t mean a weekend in Paris is the only way to capture their heart, but you should know something about their interests; their favorite wine, perfume, flowers, books and movies. It goes without saying that things that sparkle are always welcome. They’re old fashioned romantics so light the candles and slow dance to Billie Holiday under the moonlight. 

Some things to be careful of: Leos don’t like airing their dirty laundry, games, mixed messages or lazy follow through. Be on time, don’t start things you can’t finish, and let them know how you feel about them. 

The “quiet Leos” also have their own characteristics. They’re often the power behind the throne. You can spot them working in a supportive role, directing or managing. They bring a softer sense of style without compromising quality and elegance, and they reach out to you with natural warmth. Perhaps not as striking as their counterparts, they still enhance other features and carry a sense of dignity that gains your respect.

Whatever part the Leo plays in your life, be it a friend, lover or family member, they’ll always bring sunlight and their special brand of dazzle into your life. Leos always bring the rainbow when it’s raining outside.
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