Does Your Moon Sign Affect Your Personality More Than Your Sun Sign? by Psychic Tomee

Published Date 12/26/2014
Category: Astrology

How do your moon sign (rising sign) and sun sign work together?

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Most of us are at least fairly knowledgeable of our sun signs, but do you know the significance of your rising sign?

Your rising sign is determined by where the Moon was located at the exact time and date of your birth. That can easily be looked up on your birth certificate. Any astrology chart will reveal that Information, once you put in the exact date and time of your birth. A Psychic can then adapt that information into a more extensive character portrait.

For example, if your sun sign is Leo, the Sun was in the constellation Leo on the day you were born. That would make you gentle, emotional, yet somewhat of a concealer of feelings. A Leo may typically hold things inside so as not to hurt the feelings of another.

However, once you add the exact time of your birth to this equation of where the Sun was located when you were born, you’ll then find out your Rising Sign. So, if your sun sign is Leo, yet your moon sign (or rising sign) was in Scorpio, you’ll have added characteristics. A Scorpio is typically quite passionate and intense. As a further example, a Leo sun sign will presently be gentle and emotional, but much more prone to express one's feelings, as the Moon was in Scorpio at birth.

A Leo with these two signs will now not hold back to spare the feelings of another. Since the Moon rules the tides, and because we are, as humans, made up of a large percent of water, it’s been theorized that we are more influenced by our rising sign, or where the Moon was located, when we were born.

This information is quite useful in determining why we act as we do. You can see the added information of your Leo sun sign, combined with your Scorpio moon sign, if that’s your case. You’re now sensitive, yet much more direct in expressing emotions, by this particular example.

It’s also a very good indicator of compatibility to know both of these signs, which governs us all. A Leo, with a Scorpio rising sign, is now compatible with a Scorpio sun sign with a rising sign in Leo. In many cases a Scorpio sun sign can be too intense for a gentler Leo sun sign, but see the added dimensions when the rising signs are added.

If we’re indeed governed by the stars under which we were born, the more we can learn about ourselves, and the more productive we can all be! I’m a Virgo, with a Virgo Rising Sign, so that makes me twice as curious.
When requesting a psychic reading, especially an astrology reading, I hope this information will be useful. The more our spirit guides connect, the better any reading can be.

So, what is your rising sign? 

With gratitude.


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