Discover the Mysterious Energy of the Seasonal Blue Moon by Zodiac Sign

Published Date 8/21/2021
Category: Astrology

What will the energy of the 2021 Seasonal Blue Moon bring to your zodiac sign?

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A Blue Moon has been with us throughout the ages. In ancient times it had a mysterious folklore which often created mistrust with the people. In modern times it carries the essence of intrigue which created the popular saying of something occurring “Once in a Blue Moon.”

There are two types of Blue Moons actually. Typically, we think of a Blue Moon when a second full moon occurs within a single calendar month. However, that is not the case here. Instead we are looking at a Seasonal Blue Moon which is when we experience four full moons in the same season. The third of these four moons is considered the Blue Moon. In 2021, we will have full moons during summer occurring on June 24, July 23, August 22, and one more to come on September 20, two days before Fall begins on the 22nd, making the August 22nd full moon a Seasonal Blue Moon.

As a Seasonal Blue Moon, the August 2021 full moon packs some very unique energy which can manifest in sudden changes, rare turn of events, mysterious inspiration and chance luck. This year it falls at 29 degrees in Aquarius so things are at the end of their rope and change must happen. A seasonal blue moon only happens about once every three years, so you won’t see the next one until August 2024.

Look up your Sun sign and rising sign (by the minute of your birth) to discover how The Seasonal Blue Moon affects you.

Fire Signs:

LEO: The Blue Moon brings to a head partnerships, either professional or personal. Welcome adjustments as they will free you to improved teamwork.

SAGITTARIUS: The Blue Moon brings attention to the need for new transportation. Relationships with siblings need some repair to help restore balance and harmony.

ARIES: The Blue Moon could release rare energy and inspiration to fulfill your dreams. Twists and turns help release roadblocks... go for it!

Earth Signs:

VIRGO: The Blue Moon says it is time to take better care of your body, mind and spirit. You may be at a turning point at work with a new boss and new rules. All this brings words of praise for a job well done.

CAPRICORN: The Blue Moon says it is time for an important decision about your money situation. Waiting won’t help. Be brave, you have what it takes to proceed on a positive path.

TAURUS: The Blue Moon gives you a rare chance to enhance your public image. Fame could be winking at you helping to open a door otherwise considered closed. Good luck!

Air Signs:

LIBRA: The Blue Moon brings you a fated encounter with two kindred spirits that meet and can change the world. Your creative soul soars and is free to fly like an eagle.

AQUARIUS: The Blue Moon is in your Sun sign. It carries a great and special magic that will open windows and doors for your wish to make the world a better place. Believe and manifest - it is within your reach!

GEMINI: The Blue Moon points to a major change in your spiritual perspective. The old must be released to welcome a clear view of your current life. Take a trip or go back to school. Don’t wait- a new life is calling you to go forward.

Water Signs:

SCORPIO: The Blue Moon brings a crossroads to your door. Stay or go. One way or another you will be pushed to move forward. It is time for a major ending and a powerful new beginning. Trust in this fated energy!

PISCES: The Blue Moon can reveal through dreams, hunches and signs what steps you must take to improve your life. Don’t hesitate another moment the wisdom and steady hands of your angels support you.

CANCER: The Blue Moon says it is time to make an important choice about your financial security tied to long term income. Review investments and/or retirement accounts. Do you need to change banks or need a new money planner? Don’t pause… the time for change is now!

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