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Published Date 8/26/2017
Category: Astrology

Dog, cat or something else? What do the stars suggest as your ideal pet?

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Pets are really just people in a different skin. They can have amazing personalities while bringing so much fun and companionship into your life. It is known that having a pet for seniors can extend their life span. In most families, their pet is considered a member of the family bringing endless adventure and joy to their daily lives. 

Some hospitals even have healing animals to help calm and relieve some of the trauma of a serious illness. It is amazing to watch a pet released in a hospital and they will go right away to the one who needs their healing energy without any encouragement from the hospital staff.

Each astrology sign has a different response and interaction with pets. Using your Sun Sign, discover what pets you might enjoy.  

Please keep in mind, some of these ideas are meant just for fun, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt and a smile. Not all animals make ideal pets but they are still wonderful and amazing creatures!

In general Air Signs enjoy pets that handle social interaction well and are clever and affectionate. It is important that they play well with other pets being unique and are lower maintenance.
GEMINI: Parrot, French Poodle, Chameleon
LIBRA: Dove, Irish Setter, Swan
AQUARIUS: Alpaca, Siamese Cat, Any stray pet

In general Water Signs like pets that are sweet, sensitive and intuitive in a protective way to their owner. A charming personality is a plus.
CANCER: Hummingbird, Collie, Maine Coon Cat
SCORPIO: Lizard, Dachshund, Snake
PISCES: Pigeon, Bunny, Bluebird

In general Fire Signs respond to lively smart pets that are easy on the eye. Independence and loyalty are important personality traits and they must play well with children.
LEO: King Charles Spaniel, German Sheppard, Eagle
SAGITTARIUS: Horse, Greyhound, Canary
ARIES: Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador, Falcon

In general Earth Signs look for a traditional pedigree, loyalty and a pleasant demeanor in their pets. Another plus is being sensitive to their owner’s moods and easy care.
TAURUS: Scottish Terrier, Turtle, St. Bernard
VIRGO: Beagle, Hamster, Goldfish
CAPRICORN: Great Dane, Doberman Pincher, Owl

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