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Published Date 2/11/2019
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What element rules your love life?

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There is a reason that many psychics ask for the date of birth in a love reading. Knowing the zodiac sign allows an individual to understand what potential obstacles would be as well as strong features of a relationship.

The different signs are ruled by various elements which influence the compatibility between two individuals. The reason the elements are valuable is because it provides us with a temperament and a model for how we communicate and relate with others. The elements are significant in determining if the person you are dealing tends to be emotional, intellectual, physical or fiery when it comes to engagements.

Granted many subtle features contribute to a person’s personality and how they interact with others. However, knowing the zodiac can help us to understand our potential partners better. Of course, to get a more thorough profile, you do need to know the specific person’s date of birth, time and location. Otherwise, most information is general and only designed to get you a basic foundation.

To help understand a bit more here is a basic breakdown on the different zodiac signs and their elements:

Elements and corresponding signs:
Water signs: Pisces, Cancer Scorpio
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air signs: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini
Earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Meanings of the Elements:
Water - Guided by emotions, individuals with strong water elements can express feelings easily or struggle to recognize their emotional states. Water elements experience their realities through their emotional needs but can be moody. They are also empathic, sensitive and intuitive in how they handle their relationships.

Fire –
They are influenced by their need to act.  Can be quick-tempered, adapt to changing conditions, and are driven by passion. Individuals who have a lot of fire elements in their chart can be quick to react, but just as quick to forgive. They are also charming and adventurous.

Air –They feel a strong need to understand and figure things out. Communication is a feature which can either be a challenge or a reliable quality. There is either a tendency to talk too much or say very little depending on the aspects of the general chart. Individuals with strong air elements appreciate intellectual pursuits, rather than emotional ones. Air signs tend to be flirtatious, witty and charming.

Earth -
There is a strong performance for security, structure and a need to know where they stand. They tend to be influenced by the need to seek stability, maintain control and avoid change when possible. Individuals with strong earth elements like to know where they stand and prefer as little change as possible. 

Again, the descriptions of each element are basic and designed to provide a guide on how to understand your potential mate. In learning what turns on your partner, you can gain valuable insight to help you communicate better and understand how they are thinking.  

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