Clinton vs. Trump: Astrology in the 2016 Presidential Election by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 9/21/2016
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What does astrology reveal about the 2016 Presidential Nominees?

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Astrology and politics are not new to each other, perhaps most famous when First Lady Nancy Reagan consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for guidance to assist and protect her husband the late President Ronald Reagan. As we enter the final days of the 2016 political season, astrology can offer a unique understanding of our current candidates from their personality traits, the interaction with their Vice Presidential nominees and a preview of what to expect on Election Day.

A Nation Divided
This election cycle has two candidates that couldn’t be more different. They now find themselves going head to head for the top job of the President of the United States. “Highly entertaining” “Unique” and “Colorful” are just a few words peppering the media through this intense election cycle. It appears it will continue in this roller coaster fashion until the last vote is counted on election day 11/8/2016.

Without further ado, let’s see what astrology reveals about our 2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates.

  • Born: June 14
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
No surprise Donald Trump has a loaded, highly innovative success oriented birth chart and will always play to win. His moon and emotional compass is in smart fiery Sagittarius, a notorious placement for brutally direct frank speech that can sometimes get carried away. Is this behavior with bad intent? No. It simply happens in his enthusiastic, off the cuff remarks backed by a powerful Mars (action, war and aggression) in fiery Leo. 

However, there is more to the colorful Mr. Trump that sits behind the scenes with his Mercury (mind), Venus (values and needs), and Saturn (lasting structure) in the protective, sensitive, family- oriented water sign of Cancer.  Mr. Trump’s highly patriotic Cancer placements indicate an individual who really wants to make a difference to help improve life conditions for the people of our country. Expect circumstances to be thrown at him with Uranus (lightening and sudden shocks) pounding his Saturn (his game plan), muddling his forward motion. However, a special gift, which only comes every 12 years, arrived in early September with a Jupiter Return in Libra. This will help Mr. Trump ride out the turbulence ahead on the road to Election Day.


  • Born: June 7
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Governor Mike Pence’s triple Gemini provides a quick mind and with that goes with the flow of Donald Trump. Both Republican candidates are Geminis and both have Mars (Action) in Leo producing a united front. Their astrological match indicates a firm relationship and ability to process information and ideas to allow for more than one solution to a problem. Interestingly the placement of Jupiter (good luck and protection) in both Mr. Trump and Governor Pence’s birth charts point to a fated choice for as running mates. In fall of 2017, Jupiter moves into Scorpio. This Jupiter return for Governor Pence indicates he will have come into his own with the power the Vice President position brings into his life if they win. Both candidates are highly suited to producing results leading to a positive conclusion.

  • Born: October 26
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Never underestimate the power of water signs, and Secretary Hillary Clinton is a double water sign with her sun in secretive Scorpio and her Moon in dual Pisces. Her astrology chart indicates a woman who outlives and survives obstacles. A Pisces moon lends great empathy and compassion towards others; however, it can lead her astray with blurred boundaries. Even with compassion, she must be careful as it can lead her astray even with the best of intentions. Her Mercury (mind) and Venus (values) are also in the tough water sign of Scorpio. This blesses Secretary Clinton with incredible drive to champion her causes with an “I will make it work if it’s the last thing I do” approach. 

However, like her opponents, Secretary Clinton has her Mars (war and aggression) in Leo. This turns it into the fight of the lions… fierce, wounding, unrelenting and ego driven. Saturn-in-Sagittarius-Direct now helps to feed her focus and drive. Secretary Clinton’s moon sign, ruled by Neptune, is currently in Pisces causing her to have to push twice as hard as she heads to the finish line.


  • Born: February 26
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Senator Tim Kaine brings a kinship supported by a genuine friendship to the team. His moon in Gemini pushes Secretary Clinton to open her eyes to new ideas and collaboration on their goals. Senator Kaine produces results. His Mars (action) is in the business earth sign of Capricorn known for being driven. His Venus (values) in Aquarius is made to fight for the humanitarian quest with an unrelenting heart. Senator Kaine is a power house in his own right with his Venus in Aquarius bestowing savvy in the halls of power. Both candidates work in harmony to produce results. 

Looking Ahead to Election Day

Regarding the final outcome of this election, I will leave you with a few tidbits to consider:
1) The candidate that wins will be remembered as “The Era of....”

2) Whoever is elected will be a one term President.

3) Look out for tech issues, mix-ups and delays in vote counting. It may it appear one candidate is winning and suddenly it could turn out to be the other. 

4) Whomever wins, it will be extremely close, winning by only a whisker or a nose! 

5) The moon on election night is Pisces. Hillary Clinton’s moon in Pisces points to a major turning point in her political career.

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Floatingfeather: Are you kidding?? Hillary and affiliates are acting in treasonous interests. Please read outside of Facebook or Google, or the corrupt and ineffective media. An example of poor leadership. We as citizens been begging for our fragile and vulnerable electrical grid system to be protected. Imagine NO electricity, no means to acquire water, flush your toilet for all sanitation operations shut down, no method of communication, no gas for all pumps are electric, hospitals in the largest hack 2 weeks ago had to delay all surgeries, oxygen regulators had to be manned manually with limited nursing staff, no way of knowing what meds needed to dispense and life saving dosages as in anaphylactic attacks and so on. Hillary choose the dark and her contempt for the people are clear as we all discovered in the emails these past weeks. I admired Hillary in the past. Truly did. Her designed edacity of self serving gluttonous ways are catching up. For crying out loud, she matched Huma and Weiner together, disturbing man. I invite you to see for what it is and not what you desire. I too desire better. As a nation of 325 million people we ended up still with no choice. Our system is broken, sold us out. My vote is to protect the Supreme Court Judge picks and our amazing Constitution. Where I live, the citizens here have witnessed 5, FIVE, new Sharia Law courts in our backyard in the past recent 2.5 years. As a woman, it's very disturbing. Crimes against woman not supporting the protection or aide of women. Hillary brought this to our country as well as our Pres. We were blessed to have the Atlantic Ocean to be a barrier or at least a serious challenge but No longer. Explore what it will look like when we have no more Liberties. I know. It's hard to envision then again driverless cars and semi-trucks were items only seen in Hollywood movies. Goodness, I could go on and on with links from our government bodies as proof, not the media. May the angels be at your side always. In kinship, thank you for your time today. Let's go back to being curious once again and not just be led. Sending Light and Love to all. Be safe, be aware. *Peace

extremelyhurt: I don't know who will be our next President but I do believe that one isn't any better than the other at this point but if I had to pick one it would definitely not be Donald Trump!!! I do believe Hilary Clinton is the lesser of the 2 evils. I'm just saying.

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