Capricorns can be all work and no play

Published Date 1/6/2013
Category: Astrology

Capricorns can be all work and no play

It can be exciting and fun to enter a new relationship around the holiday season - after all, who wants to be alone on New Year's Eve when the clock strikes 12? That being said, you can learn even more about your partner before you spend the holidays together by examining his astrological sign.

If he was born between December 22 and January 19, he's a Capricorn. These individuals are represented by a mountain goat, which is symbolic of some of their key strengths. Capricorns are notorious for being able to withstand challenges and overcome obstacles with ease.

However, it's their determination that often keeps Capricorns from having fun. You might notice that your new significant other is constantly immersed in work, which falls in line with his astrological sign. Capricorns can be all work and no play - it's your job to remind him to relax! In the end, he'll thank you for the head's up.

Speak to your psychic advisor for more insight into his sign and your compatibility. A love psychic reading can also reveal if you're meant to be or if your relationship will fade once the holidays are over.

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