Cancer: The Year Ahead for Your Sign by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 6/28/2014
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Pass this on to your Cancer friends and family!

Happy Birthday Cancer! Ready for your stardust for the year ahead?

The sun has moved into the astrology sign of Cancer upon summer’s arrival. Its element is water, planet the Moon, and symbol the little sea crab. Let’s see what’s in the stars for Cancer and Cancer rising (by the minute of your birth) from 2014 to 2015.
Money Matters
You begin your birth year protected with the angel wings of Jupiter in Cancer. A gift that comes once every 12 years. It brings gifts of luck, protection, and expansion. It remains there until July, 16, 2014 when it moves into Leo until August 2015. This will activate your second house of income, including your possession, self-esteem and all around material security. Watch for raises/extra money to buy that new furniture or that special antique you’ve always wanted. Remember to put some aside for a rainy day but for the coming year your money looks positive and so does your confidence.
Love & Romance
Are you feeling a little stuck in a relationship or are your children keeping you up at night? This will pass. You’ll also work through issues of distance, emotion, and control. Be patient—time is on your side. If you’re single and looking for someone to snuggle long term, listen for the jingle bells of the holidays as someone special is on their way. Over summer, enjoy the fun of dating, as someone with dark eyes and hair will bring you a happy heart.
Home & Family
This could be the year to get to the home renovations you’ve been thinking about. A comfortable home is like a warm hug to you and all who enter. If you’re thinking about a move, look at spring of 2015 to make the final choice. There’ll be two different places but pick the one that brings security to mind and your personal happiness will follow. 
Special Blessings
Expect good surprises with your career and public status this year. Changes that appear to unsettle you bring unseen long term blessings. Lenders/banks are open to helping make your investment dreams come to life this year. Take the hand of adventure, be brave, and blessings will come in a sudden turn of events that bring sparkle into your daily life.

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