Big Day Coming: The date to look for is January 4th by Psychic Terra

Published Date 1/3/2011
Category: Astrology

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We are going to start the New Year with some extraordinary energy this year.  If it is a taste of 2011, this is going to be quite a year! The Date to look for is January 4th It is a Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn.  At the same time,  there is an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 27 Pisces and that is trine to Venus in Scorpio.  Also, Venus is squaring Neptune which of course semi-sextiles Uranus and Jupiter. This is a lot of energy interplay and as an eclipse it will influence the energy for at least half the year and make that point at 27 degrees a point that springs to life when other planets hit it all year. Four planets in Capricorn emphasize that energy, ambition is key as is practicality.  But Pluto is one of them and on its long journey through Capricorn will transform Capricorn’s issues of government and business, so expect the ripples to begin. Jupiter and Uranus are causing change, in Pisces it is kind of a finish up with emotional issues change. This is necessary because next they both transit high energy Aries, not a place to be dragging old issues through. So use this end of year time to forgive and forgive more, forgive yourself twice every time you forgive someone else.  Tidy up your emotional issues and free yourself to begin a new journey through Aries this year. With this trine to Venus, you can expect some really emotional, even romantic issues to come up where they are least expected.  Oh my, they will be deeply emotional too. But notice Neptune at the square, so it might not be exactly what it seems. Juno at 26 Virgo is very much in this too, opposing Uranus/Jupiter and sextiling Venus.  Juno is about relationships, contracts, marriage.  Uranus is about dramatic change or unexpected conditions, Jupiter seems to bring beneficial, if larger than life results. If your chart shows planets at 27 degrees (three or four degrees away will count too).  This might be the drama you are dealing with during this time. And remember this is not just a one day transit, the eclipse holds the energy for some time. I didn’t mention Chiron who has been traveling with Neptune for some time.  To me this indicates that the whole drama is given to you so that you might use the experience to help others heal. With Neptune there, though, it might be awhile before you realize what this energy was about; because Neptune has a way of blurring reality. All in all this is a big day for the energy of the next few months.  Enjoy the ride!

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