Best Flowers to Give Each Zodiac Sign

Published Date 7/14/2020
Category: Astrology

The right blossom will charm your recipient and make them feel truly cherished.

Flowers are a time-honored way to show affection and appreciation for someone. Whether you're giving these blossoms as a romantic gesture or simply showing your love for a friend or family member, the right flower can make a perfect impression. As any astrologer will tell you, each zodiac sign has distinct preferences. These suggestions will help you suit your bouquet to the recipient's personality.


Dynamic and engaging, Aries enjoys flowers that are bright and playful just like them. Choose rich colors like red or deep pink. Tulips are a particular favorite. Distinctive red honeysuckle will be appreciated as well.


Taurus is a sensual sign with a deep appreciation for natural beauty. Choose an elegant and fragrant blossom like the lily or lilac.


Geminis are creative, social, and outgoing. They adore blossoms that are out of the ordinary, so skip roses and opt for orchids or azaleas instead.


Sweet and nurturing, Cancer is a sign that appreciates simplicity and sincerity. A rose will speak deeply to them. White roses are particularly charming with their purity and elegance.


Vibrant and bold, Leo is the life of the party. Make sure you choose a flower that stands out for this zodiac sign. They'll appreciate the bold size of the sunflower or the fascinating and intricate shape of the passionflower.


Virgos are neat, diligent, and organized. They enjoy classic aesthetics, but still have a playful side that will thrill to a pop of color. Consider a white and yellow daisy bouquet or a cluster of charming buttercups.


Libra is represented by the scales, which depict the balance and harmony that's so important to this zodiac sign. The neat pom-pom sphere of the hydrangea is a suitable choice for a Libra.


Passionate and intense, Scorpios enjoy lush bouquets that almost threaten to overwhelm the senses — just as the Scorpios themselves. Choose dark-hued flowers such as rich red geraniums, gardenias, or peonies.


Strong-willed and independent, yet highly motivated and organized, a Sagittarius is a complex creature. Choose a flower or bouquet with equal complexity. The lush carnation is a good pick for this sign, as is the foxtail lily and allium.


Capricorn is a stable earth sign rooted in practicality. Instead of cut flowers, you should consider giving this person a potted plant. They'll appreciate the African violet, known to symbolize faithfulness.


Though the Aquarius is independent, they're also deeply loyal and honest in love. Choose a flower that stands alone with a quiet elegance like the orchid.


Generous and open-hearted, Pisces is naturally popular. Despite their people-loving nature, they're often uncomfortable with gifts, especially if they're showy. Jasmine or lilies are simple choices that a Pisces will appreciate.

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