Be Afraid: Mercury Retrograde Hits Again During Halloween

Published Date 10/29/2019
Category: Astrology

Mercury retrograde happens during the spookiest night of all in 2019.

Three or four times a year, Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks, when it appears as though the planet is moving backward. This is an illusion caused by the fact that Mercury orbits the sun faster than Earth does. 

The bizarre orientation of Mercury to Earth when the planet goes retrograde has an unsettling effect. Mercury is the planet of communication and travel. When it's in retrograde, activities associated with those things can get a bit wonky. Expect miscommunication, confusion, and scheduling problems. Adding to the challenge is the fact that the next Mercury retrograde hits on Halloween. Here's how you can prepare.

Watch for Communication From Beyond

The next Mercury retrograde will begin on Oct. 31 at 11:41 p.m., like a parting gift from Halloween. Around the end of October, things are already feeling a bit spooky, as this is when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Add the unsettling impact of Mercury retrograde here and you may experience some strange communications with the other side. 

If you feel like someone is reaching out from beyond, it's best to approach them with the help of an experienced psychic medium. Calling in reinforcements can help you avoid misunderstandings during a time when you're particularly prone to them.

Prepare for the Urge to Investigate

This Mercury retrograde happens in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is all about deep emotions and meaningful truths. With this retrograde in effect, you may feel an unusually strong pull to confront your buried truths and begin cleaning skeletons out of the closet. Before you bare it all, consider that Mercury retrograde makes it difficult to make sound decisions. It's generally best to hold off on important conversations until Mercury resumes its regular course.

Focus on Your Own Emotions

Instead of pulling others into your emotional journey, take a little time and space for yourself. Resist the urge to deep dive into your ex's Facebook page and focus on your own emotions. Try journaling, meditating, or speaking with a trusted friend or authentic psychic. Maintaining an inward focus can help you avoid confrontations that you may regret later. Focusing on your feelings will help you use Mercury retrograde to your advantage. You may connect with some truths you've been avoiding and find valuable insights that you can use going forward.

Come out of Retrograde Strong

Mercury retrograde ends on Nov. 20, just a week before Thanksgiving. Use this week to realign yourself as the pull of Mercury lessens. Now is the time to make those decisions you've been contemplating since Halloween. By the time you gather with friends and family, you should have a better feel for what you really should confront and what's better left unsaid. 

Mercury retrograde can create some challenges, but they're easily managed when you take a mindful approach to this interesting astrological phenomenon.


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