August 2020 Love Tips for Every Horoscope

Published Date 8/1/2020
Category: Astrology

August 2020 is full of relationship changes. What's in store for you?

This summer is all about relationship changes, and you can thank the fact that it's eclipse season. With eclipses come unexpected changes. Depending on your sign, you can anticipate an August full of romantic drama. Let's unpack what you have in store for your love life this month.


As Jupiter races through your opposite sign, you should embrace a more active lifestyle. As you try a new workout or activity, invite a companion to join in. You may feel more inspired by a little healthy competition with a loved one.


While Mars speeds through your sign, you may feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to get things done. Don't let this make you grow impatient with others. Take a moment to enjoy your personal connections.


This month, you should focus on yourself and your own sense of style, health, and inner confidence. By fall, you'll be ready to direct some of your focus to a special someone.


Now that Saturn finally ceases to have influence over your sign, you can start appreciating the lighter side of life. Embrace those you truly enjoy this August.


Saturn has officially entered your sphere, so it might be a good month to take things slowly, including your relationships. For now, focus on implementing more self-care, such as exercise and a healthy diet.


Venus and Mars are in a place that will have you feeling happy during the month of August. Dressing to attract positive attention from a certain someone may be of interest to you this late summer.


Venus is entering your sign on the 17th, which may make you feel like a social butterfly. Now is the time to chat up someone you're interested in.


After months of healing, you are ready for your moment of rebirth this month. Reassess your romantic relationship with a clearer mindset.


When Pluto moves forward in your sign on the 30th, you'll begin to feel more comfortable expressing yourself. Use this as a time to share how you really feel with loved ones.


As Venus enters your relationship arena and the Leo new moon on the 18th channels your house of intimacy, it's time to let go of your reservations and show your true feelings. Now is the time to start making connections and embrace new love.


Although you may be getting attention from multiple directions, the new moon in Leo on the 18th is all about deciding what's best for you romantically. Use it as a time to learn what you want and need from a relationship.


Your guardian angel Jupiter is in your seventh house, making it an excellent time to learn about your relationships. August is a good month to sign up for a relationship seminar or workshop.

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