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Astrology for Dogs - Find the Perfect Puppy by Psychic Izzy

Date 5/21/2020
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Use the Zodiac to help find the perfect pup!

Use the Zodiac to help find the perfect pup!

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For me, animals are an important part of life and dogs especially are a true blessings. Have you ever considered that horoscope signs and astrology apply to dogs, as well as people? Let’s have some fun with this, and see what we can discover.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) are air signs and they are intelligent with great communication skills and a strong tendency toward being humanitarian. They are visionaries and work well with others to make the world a better place - which often results in having lots of friends.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to an Aquarius include: Golden Retriever.
These sturdy, muscular (strong) sporting dogs are recognized by their feathery tale & dense golden coat. These dogs are family friendly, even tempered and easy to train. They are a joy to be around. Goldens love to help people which make them good service dogs.

Aquarius Dog Traits:
friendly • intelligent • loving • eager to please • affectionate  • devoted

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) are a water signs and are sensitive, compassionate and helpful. While they are adaptable and sociable, it is mostly  on their terms. You may notice that they are often hard to get a hold of.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Pisces include: Yellow Labs
. These dogs are sporting dogs that are family friendly, enjoy walks in the park, are very food motivated (be careful with portions & treats) and be aware- they are not good guard dogs, they would rather greet the intruder and seek attention than guard your property. 

Pisces Dog Traits:
friendly • playful  • easy to train • short, dense weather resistant coat

Aries (Mar 21- April 19) are fire signs and have strong willpower, initiative, courage and energy. Aries often rush into things and have abundant energy.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to an Aries include: Shetland Sheepdog.
Sheltie's are very smart and make excellent leaders and herding dogs. They are very enjoyable to be with and they will keep you actively involved — which is good. 

Aries Dog Traits:
affectionate • lively • playful • reserved  • gentle • intelligent  • trainable

Taurus (April 20-May 20) are earth signs and they are steadfast pleasure-seekers who require safety and security. Do not provoke a Taurus.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Taurus include: Corgi.
The behavior of a Corgi lines up well with a Taurus: tenacious, gregarious, bold, playful, friendly and protective. Corgi’s enjoy play time with family and respond well to training. 

Taurus Dog Traits:
affectionate • alert • smart • athletic • strong  • stubborn

Gemini (May 21-June 20) are air signs who are analytical, great communicators, loves to learn, travel quickly and easily and rarely slows down.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to an Gemini include: Jack Russell Terrier.
These working dogs love to be on task and are prone to barking to get owner’s attention. They are great for athletic people who need a dog who can keep up. 

Gemini Dog Traits:
high energy • big attitude • loves to play • run & chase • intelligent

Cancer (June 21-July 22) are water signs who can be emotional, stubborn and seek safety and tight family relationships with genuine closeness.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to as Cancer include: American Bulldog.
These large utility dogs are smart, loving and a very protective family dog. They are hunting dogs by nature yet they are affectionate, friendly and very loyal

Cancer Dog Traits:
assertive • stocky • muscular • requires high exercise • best with experienced owners 

Leo (July 23-Aug 22) are fire signs who are generous and glamorous, The organized Leo strives to be the center of attention.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Leo include: Pug.
These dogs are classified as a ‘toy’ size, but have a strong presence — not related to size. They have a deeply wrinkled face and a curled tail. Pugs are great with families with children who love their soft, velvety coat and teasing and humorous behavior. Their actions are often influenced by their owners actions and behaviors.

Leo Dog Traits:
charming • friendly  • mischievous • loving • goofy • happy

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) are earth signs with precision and utilitarian actions who often have a critical voice and will easily do what is necessary.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Virgo include: German Shepherd.
These working dogs are loyal and confident. They learn commands for many tasks and are willing to defend loved ones. May be aloof to strangers.  These qualities are great for search & rescue, military roles and disability assistance. 

Virgo Dog Traits:
confident • courageous • smart • gentle family pet • muscular & strong

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) are air signs and are fair, cooperative and diplomatic . Libra’s are natural peace keepers and intuitive. They seek harmony, balance and are tactful.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Libra include Bernese Mountain Dog.
These large dogs are striking in appearance and make good family dogs. They were originally built for work and want a job to do. These peaceful and quiet dogs are alert and good natured and are eager to please. They have a sweet nature and enjoy a romp around with their owner. 

Libra Dog Traits:
working dog • watch dog • friendly  • calm  • intelligent • high energy

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) are a water sign and are often resourceful and loyal. Yet they can also be distrusting and jealous.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Scorpio include: Poodle.
These people friendly dogs want to stay close by their owners. Do not leave them alone for long, they can get very lonely and destructive. Grooming takes additional time and effort.

Scorpio Dog Traits:
playful • affectionate • loyal • intelligent • dignified 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) are a fire sign and are carefree and cheerful. Yet, they need movement, often get unplugged and have a strong need for travel and discovery.

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Sagittarius include: Papillon.
These adventures toy dogs have large wing-shaped ears and a silky coat. But they are agile and are much more hardy than they appear. They love to go on new hikes, long road trips or to the beach. They are outgoing and happy dogs.

Sagittarius Dog Traits:
friendly • quick & curious  • alert • intelligent • desire to please 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) are an earth sign and are proud, ambitious and very hard working. They are also responsible, cautious and play fair.  

Dog Breeds that may appeal to a Capricorn include: Black Labs.
The lovable labrador retriever is one of america’s most popular dog breeds. They are family friendly, affectionate and need lots of exercise. They are compatible with a a variety or people and lots of other pets and animals.

Capricorn Dog Traits:
friendly • outgoing • loving  • enthusiastic • companion • active

We have been walking through the months and imaging our favorite pups by our side. I hope you enjoyed this playful journey and learned a little along the way. Remember, you have the power to be anything you desire. Always trust you and your inner knowing. Always remember that any day is a better day when you spend quality time with the pups who fill your life with Joy.

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