Astrologically Speaking... The Best Way for You to Beat Stress by Psychic Angelica

Published Date 4/25/2018
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What do you do to help beat stress?

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When it comes to astrology, every zodiac sign is different and the key to not letting stress get the best of you is in your own unique makeup. Here are some tips to help you rid yourself of unnecessary stress and enjoy life again! 

After all, it is written in the stars!

Aries - Action is Everything!
Aires is a fire sign, and this makes them full of energy. The best way for an Aries to let off steam is to channel it through competitive sport. Anything that will let an Aries direct their physical strength and energy in a healthy way will leave them feeling refreshed and regenerated. Some suggestions are basketball, tennis, rock climbing, rollerblading or running a 5K race.

Taurus - Comfort is Key!
To unwind and gain a better perspective, Taurus loves creature comforts. This is one of the few signs that could curl up on the couch, fire blazing and watch a little TV. A glass of wine and some chocolates can also do the trick. Taurus responds very well to a soothing touch.  Getting a massage is a great way to relax.

Gemini - Conversation and Down Time!
Most Geminis are extroverts by nature and spending time with people who make them smile can help reduce their stress levels. With their overactive minds yoga, taking a walk on the beach or watching a sunset can do wonders to renew their sense of balance. Ying and Yang.

Cancer - It's an Inside Job!
Water signs need time regular time alone, especially under stressful situations. Cancers can be a delayed reactor so time to process is necessary. Practicing meditation and yoga help them release tension and return to inner peace.

Leo - Come on Baby, Light my Fire!
Leo is a gregarious, big-hearted sign which requires plenty of affection. The more love and support a Leo feels from friends and family the quicker their stress melts away. Writing in a journal is another way they can combat the blues. Leo's de-stress by having fun. Going to or throwing a party, dancing or enjoying a visit to a comedy club. Leos just wanna have fun!

Virgo - Get Grounded! 
Plain and simple, Virgos can think too much. When stress strikes, Virgo can feel the need to be in control of their physical environment. Working on unfinished projects like organizing a closet can get their mind off the stressful situation. Crossword or jigsaw puzzles may appeal as well. Any activity that grounds the mind like yoga, gardening or meditation is also a great choice for Virgo.

Libra – A Day of Beauty and Socializing!
This air sign would benefit greatly from a day at a health spa including some beauty treatments. Libra is not a loner and in times of stress getting out and seeing friends is good for their soul. Heading to the museum to appreciate great works of art can help the Libra squash their stress and re-establish harmony and balance to their scales.

Scorpio - Finding Inspiration and Connecting with Spirit!
Scorpio is among the most intense of all signs. Meditation and prayer are good for the Scorpio and is where they find inspiration. Slow deliberate exercise like T'ai Chi or taking a walk will help them manage stress. Scorpios also tend to find peace in intimacy.  

Sagittarius - Pack your Bags!
Sagittarians have a very straight forward way of letting go of their stress - traveling. An overnight get away is enough to soothe their soul. Better yet a weeklong trip to an exotic destination will bring them back to calmness. The outdoors is very important, and a nature walk is also a quick fix. Sagittarius love to learn. Signing up for a cooking or pottery class will often give an instant change of pace and mind set. 

Capricorn - Go to Work!
Capricorn is one sign that truly enjoys working. When faced with stressful situations, their instincts tell them to work harder. This can help them release pent up anxiety. Since they're an Earth sign, getting back to nature almost always brings them into balance. Hiking and a picnic are great stress busters for the Capricorn.

Aquarius – Solitude!
Of all the Zodiac signs Aquarius has the toughest time chilling out. They are big thinkers and have a difficult time getting out of their own head. Solitary ways to get away from it all are recommended to recharge and regroup. Aquarians are visionaries, try creating a vision board to de-stress. This sign also benefits from meditation and yoga.

Pisces - Dive into Art and Water!
Pisces greatly benefit from drawing, singing, and painting. Aromatherapy and reflexology are also amazing stress releases for this dreamy and imaginative sign. Swimming or soaking in a jacuzzi or hot tub helps them regain their inner motivation. To a Pisces, nothing is more soothing than being near water.

Happy De-stressing! 

Blessings and gratitude, 

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