Astrological Returns and Your Life

Published Date 7/9/2016
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You'll experience three significant astrological returns over the course of your life

When it comes to astrology, there’s much more to know than just your zodiac sign. Over the course of your life, you’ll experience three key astrological returns that can each have a significant impact on your life path. Understand how the Solar Return, the Saturn Return, and the Chiron Return work and what they might mean for you.

Solar Return

Your Solar Return represents when the sun returns to the position it held at the moment you were born, otherwise known as the natal position. A Solar Return chart can reveal major trends and events that will happen throughout the year. Since these complex charts require exact calculations, however, an astrology reading is the best way to understand what your Solar Return means for you.

Determine the ascending sign on your Solar Return chart to understand how your approach to the world around you will change in a given year. Note the position of the sun, moon, and key planets to understand where to focus your energy and what type of issues might come to the forefront in your life.

Saturn Return

Unlike the Solar Return, the Saturn Return occurs much less often. Since Saturn has such a lengthy revolution period, the planet doesn’t return to align with your natal Saturn for about 29.5 years. That means you’ll feel the Saturn Return as you’re nearing 30 years old and again as you’re approaching 60 years old.

As the best psychics will tell you, the Saturn Return is a sort of jolt back to reality. If you’ve spent much of your youth irresponsibly or you’ve made a series of careless choices in your 20s, the Saturn Return will ensure you feel the full effects.

Since the first Saturn Return occurs at such an important time in your career and personal life, this return can be particularly jarring. With this Saturn Return, you might feel some pressure to accomplish something big or turn your life around, and this can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed. Instead of approaching the Saturn Return with apprehension, look at it in a positive light. After all, it arrives at the ideal time to make substantial changes that will have a lifelong impact on you and those around you.

Chiron Return

The rarest of them all, the Chiron Return happens just once in your life. Chiron, which is represented by a mythical wounded healer figure, symbolizes a lifetime of hurt. In essence, Chiron embodies all of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain you’ve experienced throughout your life.

If you’re like most people, you’ll experience the Chiron Return when you’re about 50 years old. This means you’ll have had decades to undergo a wide variety of wounds. Though you might have processed and moved on from most of them, some leave scars that are difficult to heal.

Like the Saturn Return, the Chiron Return can be challenging and fraught with fear. Instead, consider your Chiron Return as a welcome rite of passage and an opportunity to transform yourself and your experiences in a positive direction.

These three astrological returns can speak volumes about your life’s path. Maintain awareness of the Solar Return, the Saturn Return, and the Chiron Return, and understand how to use knowledge of these returns to your advantage.


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