As the Sun Enters Taurus by Psychic Liam

Published Date 4/19/2014
Category: Astrology

Taurus evens things out when there's a Grand Cross configuration.

April 19th 2014 at 8:56 PM PDT the Sun will enter Taurus providing us with some well-needed grounding during tense, turbulent, and exhilarating times. Indeed, it is quite fitting that the Sun should enter Taurus, an Earth sign, as the Earth itself is the focal point of some serious astrology, namely,  the famous Cardinal Grand Cross you may have heard about.

A Grand Cross is a configuration of stellar bodies (usually planets, but others—Sun, Moon, asteroids—can be involved as well) that are all either in opposition or square to one another.  Both of these aspects alone, the square and the opposition are recognized as representing tension; when they align in such a way as they are at this time, it creates a logjam of energy that seems to focus on the center, and at the center of course is Earth. Notice all those earthquakes recently? Noticed any in your personal life? 

So it seems right and appropriate that at a time like this our attention, our light, our radiance, will be focused through the earthiest of signs, Taurus. 
Taurus provides strength, stability, and established structure that can be relied and counted on, as well as a strong sense of sensuality and sensation. Taurus provides the grounding in the physical, natural world that can provide peace and a sense of security during periods of tension. 

Doing Taurus like things for the next month will offer space for that energy, focused at the center, to circulate; things like gardening, hiking, cooking a nice meal, enjoying food and wine, massages with lovers, yoga, and love-making are a few good ideas to get started. Just think anything that gets in touch with the earth and reminds you where you’re feet are planted. 

Taurus is in everyone’s chart. Where it is in your particular chart, and therefore how it manifests in your life, depends of your birth date (time and place are even better if you have the info). The Sun illuminates and sheds light in these areas of life (astrological houses). Find out where Taurus is lighting your life through calling your astrologer.
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