Aries: Independent, Innovative, and Irresistible by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 3/21/2014
Category: Astrology

You'll never be bored with an Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the Western zodiac. They are terrific "starters" with a certain "WOW" factor (after all, Aries rules James Bond). Aries is exciting, amazing, and a bit impulsive and fearless. Their element is Fire, symbol is the ram, and planet is Mars.

Aries is action packed. The warrior/dragon slayer/gypsy queen is always in a hurry. They hum that tune from Alice in Wonderland, “I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!”

They love the thrill of the chase whether it’s a new job, helping in an emergency, or pursuing a love interest. Their enthusiasm and vitality feeds a daring, courageous quality. Aries’ are known to seek uncharted territory, going where angels fear to tread.

Some of our finest Aries military personal includes General MacArthur. Many of Hollywood's dashing leading men have Aries sun/rising signs such as
Rudolph Valentino, Earl Flynn, Steve McQueen, and Robert Downey Jr. (to name a few) who project this universal, irresistible Aries appeal.

Aries’ greatest fear is being boarded which can bring out their lesser qualities of frustration, impatience or direct verbal barbs that can mane unintentionally. With an Aries, sometimes it can be “all about me"—which may sound self-absorbed, but the outlook of an Aries is: “I chose this life to make choices by myself, for myself, wherein the past it was about others.” This explains how they rush in determined with sincere desire to win the day/person/job. Keep an Aries around in case of an emergency, as they’re clear headed and really can save the day.

In love, they are the troubadour/gallant knight/sizzling mystical queen as they exude a sexiness few can match. They can rush into your life without thinking about whether or not the relationship will work out, but delighting in the total adventure of the new, exciting experience. Once they’re committed it’s difficult to dissuade them and you’ll be the center of their universe. They really love the adventure of getting to know you, mixed with passion and lots of fun.

These people sparkle and can be irresistible when they want you. But if you can stand on your own two feet while holding hands with this adventurer, your Aries love will bring you a unique, fascinating world few would have the courage to live or see.

Enjoy the adventure!

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