Are You Psychic? Discover what Astrology Reveals about your Intuitive Abilities by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 10/25/2016
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Are you Psychic? Astrology may hold the answers!

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Everyone is born with abilities of intuition however it can vary widely for each astrology sign. For some people it is just a way of life, some give it little value and others just log it under a “gut” feeling. However it plays out for you, it is woven into the tapestry of your everyday life. It can bring amazing creative inspiration, alert you to a red flag situation or reveal a moment of “Love at first sight.” 

Let’s take a look at your astrology sign to get some insight how it could play out for you.

Are You Psychic? 

You possess a very special “GPS,” a knowing from your head to your toes. Gifted like a private investigator, your energy field guides you in all areas of your life. Trust this!  Don't second guess and you will always do well with your intuition.

PISCES: You are the dreamer of dreams and here in lays your intuition that is switched on 24/7. Your personal compass is active through visions, dreams and your great compassion. Being by the water, from a lake to the ocean, can bring magical moments and enhance your talents. 

CANCER: Being around children really brings out your psychic feelings. Oddly, humor is a special feeling that you just know how to use to defuse a difficult moment. Family may have come to love you for this natural talent.

SAGITTARIUS: You are naturally a people person but it is in those private moments that zingers of insight spring to life. Meditation and travel seem to also activate inspirational insights that you will always benefit from.

ARIES: You are always on the move and use your intuition by thinking fast on your feet. You are the person people should have around in an emergency because your gut feelings emerge and can help save the day. You can thrive well in business with that gut feelings of yours.

LEO: Your best intuition compass forms with your strong loyalty. You are at your best with these special feelings when you are asked to protect, guide and lead even in the simplest everyday actions.

CAPRICORN: You are so practical, most days come together for you in a grounded fashion. However, when you allow yourself the luxury of reflecting on your sensitive feelings, magic can happen through unexpected thoughts and insights of guidance that help you win the day.

TAURUS: Easy going by nature, you can enjoy intuitive ponderings that can surprise you with their accuracy. You will find a deep perspective especially with family. You also possess a gift with animals that is uncanny.

VIRGO: Organized by nature, not everyone knows just how sensitive you are. Your problem is over thinking impressions and then you lose that first imprint which is always going to be your winning combo. Remember to trust and be aware of your dreams as they can be that angel on your shoulder.

LIBRA: You have a refined energy where your personal intuition is woven into it. Life’s mysteries do intrigue you, but it is in your social arena that you shine knowing just what to say and do to make life’s situations blend better. Go with your first impression, it is the best.

AQUARIUS: You could be called a mental intuitive. Your gift is skating above emotions to bring some amazing results. These insights are a gift in the business area as you are naturally future oriented sensing trends. Flashes of insights can border on unparalleled brilliance.

GEMINI: You are scattered. This energy takes you in many directions and can reveal amazing insights. It is the child in you, your sense of fun, that can reveal out of the blue doorways of inspiration. Trust this magical compass as you can produce clever, quick original concepts that others just don’t see. 

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