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Ancestral Astrology - Life Lessons from the Past by Psychic Pearl

Date 4/29/2022
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Ancestral Astrology is a powerful way to reconnect to your soul.

Ancestral Astrology is a powerful way to reconnect to your soul.

How much do you know about Ancestral Astrology?  I want to keep things simple, yet interesting. There might be some things said that bend what you have always thought to be true. However, just keep your mind open for a few minutes and it will all come together. Ancestral Astrology makes so much sense, it might just blow your mind!

As the saying goes, "As above, so below."

Ancestral Astrology vs. Traditional Astrology

First off, the Astrology we have become accustomed to is the forecasting of Earthly and Human stories through the observation and interpretation of the stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.  I remember being a very little girl watching my father and his partner actually chart star maps. Using different colored pencils, string, huge books, protractors, compasses, and having heated discussions, they would tear off huge pieces of paper and literally draw natal charts. 

Nowadays, thanks to modern technology we can use a computer program or a website.  If you plug in your date, time and place of birth, you can pull up a natal chart and see pieces and parts of you in mere moments.  It doesn't take hours or days like it used to anymore.  So that’s a good thing!

Ancestral Astrology is a divination that is actually more powerful and significant than many people realize.  We are looking backward and then forward in your chart to see the stories of you "before" you are who you are right now by tracking previous placements.  Not only can this idea help transform who you are as a person, it also helps you actually "see" practical and realistic definitions for what is happening in your life, and, honestly, the world as a whole. To truly grasp the effectiveness of Ancestral Astrology there are a few things to take in account.

All Karma is, is Experience

One of the first things my father told me, when teaching me about such things, is that Karma is not a reward and punishment system.  Allow me to paint the picture a bit differently for you.  Karma is not a report card. It is not the Universe's revenge. Karma is not that thing that is "gonna get you back." It is merely... experience.

At some point in life we have all wondered, "Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?" Well, here's an analogy I like to use... You and I are sitting at a table. There is a cupcake on the table with your fancy initials iced onto it.  My son comes up and I give him the cupcake.  You are kind of upset because it was obviously there for you, but I gave it to my child.  My son's smile is beaming as he runs away with it. He is purely happy. 

Am I good or bad? Was the impact positive or negative?  You are hurt, but my son is joyous.  When we remove the good vs. evil dynamic from Karma and see it for what it is, "an experience," we begin to understand how we must have different kinds of scenarios to progress our stories along. These nuances help us grow and shift, plus, our responses are based on what we have already learned.

We Are Our Ancestors  

At some point, the story of who I currently am (my life) will cease, however the journey will carry on in a new character (my next life). Then, I will be my ancestor.  I am sure you have heard the term "generational curse." Shifting your gaze at things with Ancestral Astrology, we realize that it's not necessarily a curse that has you stuck. Your record album is trying to spin, but it keeps skipping. There are things we can become trapped into repeating.

Time is Not Linear

Time is circular, or on a wheel. Let's take a step back.  For practical purposes, many of us read the astrology of who we are now. We want love, money, power, and happiness. However, if we are stuck in repetition and don't want to feel discomfort, we find ourselves unable to move through, and past, things that are not for us anymore. Ancestral Astrology is a key part in discerning why we are drawn to certain magnets, how we have become a cog in our wheel, and where and when we should make the right moves. 

Different Relationships, Same Problems

About 15 years ago a very dear friend of mine finally came to terms with being stuck in a relationship with the same energy of a type of man. But it was manifesting in different men. This is in no way an unfamiliar story.  In fact, many of us have at least one of these chapters in our own repertoire. Every guy she was falling in love with had substance abuse issues, didn't want commitments, wouldn't or couldn’t work, you know the ingredients to the recipe.  She was finally exhausted and ready to understand why she squeezed herself into spaces with people that were not ready for relationships.

Then, there was a moment of confession. She would push and spend money on these people. She would ruin her credit on behalf of them.  If my memory serves me, she had bought two cars, paid for their cell phone bills, and was stuck paying for things that had been abandoned after co-signing loans for these men. These guys would become dependent on her. Eventually, she'd be cheated on, and finally dumped when it was all said and done. 

In her Ancestral Astrological chart, we could see several layers of caretaking and great loss. Situations that, with those feelings unresolved before her previous stories were complete, resulted in her longing to cure every pain and ailment she encountered.  There was so much guilt being brought over with her spirit and transferring into this new story.  She was a healer, but she needed reciprocal energy.  She started working with an animal group and doing volunteer work at a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  When she understood what was right about her core, her story shifted. 

She actually changed.

Ancestral Astrology and the World

Up to this point we have been talking about how Ancestral Astrology will help in your personal life. Did you know Ancestral Astrology also helps us understand a much larger and wider subject... The World? Some of this is the same as Natal Charts, we divine patterns from the past and pull them forward to forecast what is to come. However, in reading world Charts, forecasting how groups of people respond to change, and comprehending how deeply Karma is ingrained in DNA, I truly long for more people to understand what Ancestral Astrology and other Ancestral Readings can do for people as a whole, not just one person.

There are different types of ancestral astrology readings. Each type of reading is good for whatever you are prepared to handle. If, and when you are interested in truly moving past choices that keep bringing you to a brick wall, or, if you need to burn through emotional booby traps, ancestral astrology readings are the key tools to show us the framework on how we got here. Thus, guiding us to the most effective way to reconstruct how we think and move.

Out of all the incredible and profound things I have witnessed happen to many clients, I have seen their confidence and self-trust enhanced. With that their own psychic abilities are revealed. Ancestral Astrology is a powerful way to reconnect to your soul and get the most out of what life has to offer.



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Pearl is a natural born healer and empath. She is Mvskoke Creek/Seminole, raised in tradition, with gifts fostered by Elders and Family. Pearl is a genuine card reader. At age 4 she was caught "reading" playing cards while people were actually playing cards. After getting into a little trouble, an Auntie started her down the path of Tarot. It's been over 45 years since that day and Pearl has been divining the whole time.  Pearl is also a mother, singer/songwriter, and psychic/metaphysical podcast host.  


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