A Sagittarian Lady A Mother's Day note from Psychic Celine

Published Date 5/8/2010
Category: Astrology

From the Psychic Source Archive

Dear Readers, My Mother, Amelia, was an extraordinarily independent, responsible, loving Sagittarian "lady."  It was later in my life that I learned she used to read the playing cards' deck when she was younger.  Card readings of any type were not accepted by everyone during her lifetime.  The free readings she gave to friends, relatives and even strangers were so accurate that it scared her and she stopped all readings.  I was a baby at the time and unaware of this until much later in my life.  These facts were shared with me by my aunt many years after I started giving professional readings in Astrology, Tarot, and Clairvoyance.  It is my belief that our lives are primarily based on spiritual circumstances, genes, and the positions of the planets at the time of our birth.  My Mother gave me her Sagittarian intuitiveness through the position of Sagittarius Rising in my birth chart. I have been professionally practicing my gifts for 48 years and believe my late Mother is spiritually with me now more than ever.  Sincerely, Celine  Ext. 8031

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