A High Energy New Moon by Psychic Liam

Published Date 3/30/2014
Category: Astrology

This specific new moon represents CHANGE.

Just ten short days after a burst of new and vitalizing energy with the turning of the Zodiacal New Year, otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox or the Sun entering Aries, we encounter a New Moon in Aries. A New Moon is an especially potent time to initiate action on goals and intentions that are aligned with one's highest integrity. And this New Moon will be no different. 

Every New Moon has an Aries undertone to it; that potential energy always ready to spring, that energy that says anything is possible (and it always is—within reason!) However, not all New Moons are alike. This one, clicking into place ever so subtly at 11:45 AM PDT March 30, 2014, will have all of that Aries flare and then some. This is thanks in great part to Uranus—the fountain of energy and buzz, the trickster planet of trickster planets.

There are many ways to delineate this New Moon, or any astrological configuration for that matter (read 10 articles by 10 different astrologers and you'll most likely get 10 different ideas—but that's also the beauty of it) and it helps to boil it down to a first impression and then go from there. What jumps out of this chart is change

The Sun and Moon will be aligned and applying, or moving towards, Uranus in this chart. Uranus, among the many associations the planet has, is about change... dramatic, sudden, and electric change. So this is a powerful time and opportunity to apply change to your life. 

Keep in mind that it’s impossible to fully universalize a reading like this for a couple of reasons. Where Aries applies in a chart is different for everyone due to house placements and degrees. In my chart, 9 degrees of Aries (the placement of this New Moon) is in the 5th House, so the energy will be around 5th House things: self-realization, being loved, creative self-expression, children, and sex. For someone else it may be a 12th House affair: meditation, yoga, cosmic union, vision quests... like I said at the beginning, not all New Moons are alike. 

For now, it's best to think from an Aries perspective because that’s the universal signature: vitality, physicality, will, energy, and personal projection. The changes that one can be certain to have great energy behind with this New Moon are of a very physical and bodily nature as well as pertaining to that inner drive to be number one. 

Just one last thought to meditate on: consider measuring “number one” in very personal terms, rather than in competition with others. It may make for a more creative experience for all. 
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