5 Tips to Help You Cope with an Unexpected Breakup

Published Date 12/8/2015
Category: Astrology

Rely on your friends after a breakup to heal your heart and distract your mind.

An unexpected breakup leaves you feeling confused, betrayed, and anxious about the future. If you wallow in self-pity and regret, however, you'll miss opportunities for future happiness. Follow these tips to mourn your lost relationship and regain your footing.

Take Advantage of Time Alone

No matter how much you love your significant other, you enjoy pursuing certain activities by yourself. Maybe it's watching trashy television, reading the latest suspense novel, or gardening in your backyard. After an unexpected breakup, indulge in those beloved activities, so you associate time to yourself with something positive.

Feel free to release your emotions, as well. If you feel sad or angry, allow yourself a long cry or break out the punching bag. Give yourself permission to feel any emotion that creeps up, but don't allow yourself to remain mired in it for too long. Give yourself a time limit, then move on.

Relish the Possibilities

When someone breaks your heart, it hurts. However, it also means that your soul mate still awaits somewhere down the line. You haven't found him or her yet, so give yourself over to feelings of anticipation and gratitude. Maybe you're sad the relationship ended, but you've now cleared the way for someone with whom you'll share an even stronger connection.

Resist the Lure of Wallowing

If you constantly replay the breakup scene in your mind or rehash your feelings of loss with your friends and family, you deny yourself the privilege of moving forward. Take time to mourn the relationship, grieve the loss, book a reading with a psychic hotline, then find something new on which to focus. Start a new hobby or create a new ritual for yourself.

Recognize that it's not your fault that person didn't want to stay in the relationship. You might feel tempted to stalk his or her social media profiles or attempt to force an accidental meeting on the street. Don't do it. You'll only prolong the breakup pain, which hurts you more than it does your ex.

Forget the Fish in the Sea

The weeks (and sometimes months, depending on the length of the relationship) after a breakup aren't great for pursuing new romantic interests. Forget your love life for a while and focus on yourself and spending time with your friends. If you jump into a new relationship too soon, you'll put too much pressure on the other person and perhaps even doom the relationship because of your pre-existing hangups.

Remember Your Old Life

The one before you met your ex. How did you spend your time? You valued yourself and your needs back then, so reclaim those emotions now. It might feel like you'll never get over the breakup, but in time, you'll realize that your happiness depends on you — not someone else. Only when you come to that realization will you be ready to start something new with another love interest.

Relationship endings are always tough. Book a psychic reading if you're struggling to get over your ex or if a sudden Dear John or Dear Jane letter leaves you feeling lost. Fortunately, you won't feel that way forever.


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