3 Ways to Use Mercury Retrograde to Your Benefit by Psychic Shawn

Published Date 2/20/2014
Category: Astrology

Hmmm that's not so bad!

Ah, Mercury retrograde.  To some, this can be a dreadful time filled with delays, misunderstandings, lost items, and computer or cell phone malfunctions.  But Mercury retrograde periods are not all that bad.  As a matter of fact, if you know how to use them, they actually can benefit you.

Mercury retrograde happens when the orbit of the planet Mercury slows down and appears to go backwards.  This celestial event happens about three to four times per year. Our current mercury retrograde phase started on February 6, 2014 and last until February 28, 2014.  When the planet Mercury does go retrograde, it’s simply a time for us to review, reflect, and rethink our goals, plans, or actions.  Also, it’s a time when people, situations, or lessons from the past come up for review.  Mercury retrograde is a slowing down, inward process, that allows us time to go deeper.  

Here are 3 Ways Mercury Retrograde can benefit you:

1. It allows you more time to communicate clearly.  This happens because of miscommunications during mercury retrograde.  These miscommunications teach us to slow down a bit and think about how we’re speaking. By checking with the person we’re speaking with, we come to a greater understanding and we achieve better results.  

2. If you have issues in a relationship that need to be resolved, Mercury retrograde is a great time to do it.  Or if you had something to get off your chest with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you never got a chance to express, then do it during a mercury retrograde. The issue is more likely to be resolved.  

3. If you’re not sure if something like your car, computer or cell phone needs fixing, a Mercury retrograde will surely let you know.  So, if any electronic device of yours needs a check up, take it in during Mercury retrograde.  But remember that this is only for devices you already have!  I would wait until Mercury retrograde is over to buy any NEW electronic device, such as a computer, cell phone or even a car.  Also, be careful about signing any important papers or contracts during Mercury retrograde. If you do have to sign any of these, please read the fine print and check for errors.  

See, now you know that Mercury retrograde is not that bad, and can actually be quite beneficial!  Since being forewarned is being forearmed, here are the other mercury retrograde phases for 2014:  June 7, 2014 until July 2, 2014 and finally the last one of 2014 is from October 4, 2014 until October 25, 2014.
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