2021 Lucky Numbers for Each Zodiac Sign by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 1/1/2021
Category: Astrology

What is your lucky number for 2021?

Each year we cross into a new universal year that activates a lucky number for each zodiac sign. This powerful vibration spreads its magic over the entire year from January to December. It brings surprise elements of chance and change invigorating your life in 2021.

Look up your Sun Sign below and discover your magic lucky number for 2021 and enjoy the excitement it brings to your life all year long.


CAPRICORN - Lucky Number: 6

This year your working world could take a leap forward bringing smiles to all around. You may find fulfillment with community work and helping others. It’s also a great year to tie the knot if you are in a relationship.

TAURUS - Lucky Number: 1

This year you can really blaze a new trail in your life if you head out in a whole new direction. Start your own business with style and confidence as you are the leader this year!

VIRGO - Lucky Number: 5

This is your year to take a gamble so don’t over think it - feel it with a brave smile. Doors could open with a lucky break for those in sales, public relations, writing or any creative area. The limelight is winking at you.


AQUARIUS - Lucky Number: 7

This could prove to be such a special year if you are true to you. Follow your intuition and pay attention to those nudges from your angels. Deep transformation is possible when you let the magic begin.

GEMINI - Lucky Number: 2

This year partnerships and women could be those helping hands you have been waiting for. Try to pace yourself as you are a bit more sensitive to harsh words or life’s daily demands.

LIBRA - Lucky Number: 11

This could prove to be a year where you rise to the top displaying talents that will get you noticed. Let your inspiration thrive. A magical person could enter your life. You have earned this one, enjoy!


PISCES - Lucky Number: 8

This year brings balance within your finances. Big money could come and go. This means you could buy a home or condo. Your income could also grow in wonderful ways.

CANCER - Lucky Number: 3

This year the creative world smiles on you. Is it time to write that book inside of you or do you need to start a quilting group? It’s a great year for fun in person or virtual visits with siblings, aunts and uncles (just be safe).

SCORPIO - Lucky Number: 13

This is a fated year where events out of your control could change your life in amazing ways. Go with the flow with a cup of courage. Gold coins are around you as a lucky gamble pays off.


SAGITTARIUS - Lucky Number: 22

This year you could find yourself looking at international possibilities. This could be a new job in another country or work you did here that is noticed around the world. You will be in the right place at the right time.

ARIES - Lucky Number: 9

This year going back to school could be a winning move. There is the possibility of your work getting seen with awards or at least a nice raise coming your way.

LEO – Lucky Number: 4

This year you will be putting together a strong foundation of work and people that can promote you with a winning result. Your hard work will pay off so don’t give up.


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