2021 - 2022 Aries Horoscope

Published Date 3/22/2021
Category: Astrology

What can Aries expect for the year ahead?

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The Sun enters Aries on 3/20/2021. Aries brings into our lives a sense of excitement and love of adventure. Aries are trail blazers, passionate and seriously charming. After all Aries is the sign of Bond… James Bond. They work in wide strokes as they are the starters of the zodiac with their contagious passion for life.

This year starts quickly but watch out for the pause button from 5/15/2021 to 7/31/2021. Time to reassess your destination. Then you are back in the driver’s seat as you watch new ideas/opportunities come into view and off you go.


A sudden windfall from a bonus, a lucky scratcher or a monetary gift could give you more wiggle room for things that you want to do. By the time the New Year celebrations are over, you will benefit from other’s resources. As you zoom into 2022, your bank account smiles with more gold coins. You will be planning the great adventure for 2022 and this time you might just pull it off. Good luck!

  • Lucky Money Dates: 4/15/2021 - 5/9/2021 and 9/13/2021 - 10/7/2021


Aries loves the excitement and newness of a relationship; it is like magic to you. It seems you have your eye on someone special as you plan how to proceed. As the warm summer winds arrive so will this relationship that blooms into a sizzling match. This person is intriguing so let them reveal who they are as this one will take more than sex appeal and good looks to make it last.

  • Lucky Love Dates: 6/27/2021 - 7/21/2021 and 8/16/2021 - 9/11/2021


This year you may have to lend a hand with older people in the family. That means time management around your busy life so you can bring a cup of support where needed. Your idea of home for you in the future could be transformed by information about your family ancestry. Though you always reach for the future, this year it will be the past that will help you grow stronger and wiser.


Angel Wings come to you from the kindness of friends and unexpected events that bring a smile to your heart.

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