12/13/14 Miracle Day: What Makes it So Special?? by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 12/13/2014
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What does this date mean to you?

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What’s so great about numbers and dates?
Numerology vibrations are like musical notes; they’re unique energies that have an effect on our lives in so many ways.

December 13, 2014 brings us a rare and unique set of numbers called a “sequential” date. This combines 3 numbers in a row (12/13/14) and won’t occur again until 2034. Let’s take a look at this day and how it could affect your day’s vibrations.
DAILY VIBRATIONS with 12/13/2014:

To begin, add the entire date together and reduce to a single digit—the day’s energy falls under the number 5.

This points to a very lively day full of action, exciting adventures, love at first sight, fast cars, movie stars and sudden fame. There’s a James Bond attitude about this day—it’s all about freedom and the love of the chase.

The sub-numbers are each number reduced to a single digit...

12 becomes 3. This brings out the social butterflies/networking and very scattered energies so be careful to not let things falls through the cracks.

13 becomes 4. The 4 tells you make sure to get the important obligations/work done and play by the rules because responsibility is important.

2014 becomes 7. This adds more flavor to your day. The 7 brings possible delays so plan ahead for travel and meetings. Take a moment, look inside your heart, and trust your intuition. Kindness to others will go a long way with the little things today.
So you planned your wedding on this unique day; let’s see what it says about the marriage and the couple’s life together.

This shows a marriage that was brought together by mutual respect for each other’s independent nature/love of the big adventure/travel and the gypsy in your soul. Sharing mental ideas is always going to be fun as long as each person allows the other equal talk time. A solid foundation is important.

A unique spiritual bond ties this couple, perhaps from a past life tie, having created a compelling attraction at first meeting.

Concerns arise when one is moving so fast they don’t remember to share what’s going on, assuming the other will understand or read their mind. Respect for each person’s need for independence could create a conflict if not handled with clear communication so the other partner doesn’t feel locked out of their life.

This is a wedding of two enthusiastic people who like to live big but will need to balance all the razzle dazzle with a strong commitment to ride out life’s natural ebb and flow through their marriage. This balance will help them when they may overshoot the runway in a passionate moment… regrouping could save the day.

Wedding on 12/13/14 results in a colorful marriage and life together with a couple who will touch many lives on their life journey.


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