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Published Date 6/16/2017
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Can Astrology reveal what type of Father you are?

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This is a shout out to all the Dads that ought to be recognized for their roles and to honor their hard work and support to their children of all ages. Sometimes Dads get the short end of the stick and yet it is with a little love and laughter we look at these men who give their all to the kids and spouses and partners at home.

You have to look at all those Dads out there that REALLY DO show up well in their families. They signed up when they got married and it is at the very beginning of the marriage and having children that you can see the go-getters and let’s say shakers making it happen for their families. So how about we look at Dads from their Astrological signs and see the good and the bad sides of these men. Everything is subject to your opinion, of course.

Aries Dad
  (March 21- April 19)
Good Side: Strong. In it to win it. A knight in shining armor. 
Bad Side: Over-ambitious. Expect the best. You don’t want to see Dad “go off”! 

If you do your very best (and YOU better) Dad will work all hours to provide the money for you to be the “star” of the team (or play or whatever). However, if you are less than stellar, you give this Dad any mouth… Run for the hills! We will save the bleep bleep bleeps that the “ungrateful” child is still listening to on the car ride home from the big game!

Taurus Dad
 (April 20 – May 20)
Good Side: A great cook. A rock. Steady. 
Bad Side: Expects zero opposition. Pushy. A bit frugal. 

A new restaurant, a new recipe, and this Dad is all over it! He likes to feed the crowd and is the stable man in the storm. But you stand up and say no… that don’t fly with this Dad! You better have ONE good reason or you will be in sitting in the SIN BIN for a while!

Gemini Dad
 (May 21 – June 20)
Good Side: Quirky. Outside the box thinker. The Star Wars (or fantasy) man. 
Bad Side: What’s discipline? Doesn’t want to impinge on the child’s creative outlet. Quirky. 

On the one hand, this Dad will be playing the video games and encouraging his child to “go crazy” artistically and then when the chips go flying because the child is in trouble (and they will get in trouble!), Dad will be contradicting his own discipline rules because his child is crying (“Fake” tears: this kid knows how to turn them on and off.)

Cancer Dad
 (June 21 – July 22)
Good Side: Always there for their child. Supportive. A good listener. 
Bad Side: Smothering. Tries to “protect” their child from the big bad world. Moody. 

This is THE Dad! He will carry his kids, read to them, and just be a great presence for them. Yet when he is set off he can be nasty and if he doesn’t like a group of friends, he will demand the child to stop hanging with them. A little too much smothering too!

Leo Dad
 (July 23 – August 22)
Good Side: King of the castle. Proud papa. Leader of his pack. 
Bad Side: A little too boastful of his kid’s talents. Dad is STILL the king! A pushover. 

Oh, this Dad loves his kids and makes sure to let everyone know how great they are at (fill in the blank)! So, he is expecting them to live up to his kingly expectations and he snarls if there is sass but usually folds to his children’s whims.

Virgo Dad
 (August 23 – September 22)
Good Side: Neat-freak. Conscientious. Devoted to their wonderful children. 
Bad Side: The “I know I am just trying to raise you right” martyr. Nit-picky. Worrier. 

The Virgo Dad expects his children to look clean and neat when they are out in public (don’t you even think about spitting up on his new shirt!)  He worries over the slightest issues and just tries using guilt if the children oppose him.

Libra Dad
 (September 23 – October 22)
Good Side: Calm. Fair and reasonable. A “do your best” attitude. 
Bad Side: Intolerant of “attitudes.” Over controlling sometimes. Too fair. 

This Dad just likes to have peace in his home and likes to see his kids be themselves so they can “find themselves.” But he can give as good as his kid can when it comes to sass and if need be the Libra Dad may try to put his two cents when none is needed.

Scorpio Dad
 (October 23 – November 21)
Good Side: Instinctive. Deep thinker. Protective. 
Bad Side: Vindictive. Over the top obsessive. Mean streak. 

This Dad always “knows” when their children (even when they aren’t in the room) are up to something! They really have a sixth sense about their clan. Yet watch out if anyone badmouth or tries bullying their child! That person is going down like a house of cards!

Sagittarius Dad
 (November 22 – December 21)
Good Side: Wants the child to have lots of freedom. The “fun” Dad. The “thinker” Dad. 
Bad Side: Sarcastic. Expects kids to be free thinker. “Discipline” is a BAD word. 

This Dad loves to be out and about adventuring whether in “Sherwood Forest” or in a “Galaxy Far, Far Away” with his kids. Life is SUPPOSED to be fun! However, this Dad can really get on their children for being a whiner and is completely inconsistent in grounding his kids!

Capricorn Dad
  (December 22 – January 19)
Good Side: It is all about “the future.” Planning for college. Knowing the bottom dollar. 
Bad Side: Intolerant of temper tantrums, bad grades, or poorly dressed kids. Hard on their kids to be the BEST. Cold. 

This Dad is the ultimate planner! Before the child is born, he or she already has a trust fund and applications to all the Ivy League schools. Also, this is not going to be the screamer Dad. The child will just get the “stare” and “are you done?” look if they get upset in front of Dad!

Aquarius Dad
  (January 20 – February 18)
Good Side: Eccentric. Likes his video games. Kid like tendencies. 
Bad Side: A little detached. Random or off in another world. No boundaries. 

This Dad is fun and will still want to climb into the tree house with his kids and dress “young” even as he ages. Yet this Dad can be unattached or “not get involved” when the going gets tough.

Pisces Dad
  (February 19 – March 20)
Good Side: Dreamy. Artistic. Sensitive to children’s needs. 
Bad Side: Daydreamer. Unwilling to discipline. Spacey. 

This Dad loves to see their children be creative to show off their talents. Yet they are sometimes not “seeing” when their kids are “out of control” in public and so they are yelling at them to “behave” or they just let them act out and ignore all the glaring adults!

Dads usually don’t get enough credit for all their responsibilities and contributions to running a household these days. It is with love and a huge thank you for being part of YOUR children’s lives whether it is in your home full or part-time, or you are a mentor to a child. You have NO IDEA the impact you make to them every day! 

Thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

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