The Shift with Mercury in Virgo by Psychic Liam

Published Date 8/15/2014
Category: Astrology

Mercury is in Virgo starting 8/15/14

Mercury, the planet that represents the inner function of communication, thinking, planning, and general data collecting (think the 5 senses—sight, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting) will change signs on August 15th at 9:44 AM PDT, from Leo to Virgo. 

Whenever a stellar body changes signs there’s a shift; that shift can be subtle or sudden, it all depends on the individual and their circumstances in life. In general, this shift of Mercury into Virgo should offer very positive potential, particularly because this is one of the signs that Mercury rules (the other being Gemini) and where Mercury has the ability to exert a more focused refined affect.  Again, much depends on the individual, their modus operandi, and the events surrounding their current circumstances… and of course their free choice; there’s (almost) always a choice.

Mercury in Virgo offers the collective the opportunity to communicate with one another in clear, logical, thoughtful, and unselfish ways. In other words this is the time to hammer things out and have those sticky, difficult conversations with loved ones or business partners that you fear will turn emotional. Tune into the tone of Mercury in Virgo from August 15th through September 2nd and get these necessary conversations completed. The mythology of the Virgo constellation relates to the harvest goddesses and fertility. Virgo enables one (all) the ability to discern truths and feed truth, hence, grow and evolve. 

As it seems with most things in existence there’s a caution. Virgo can tend towards over-analysis, worry, and inertia due to a fixation on picayune details. This can happen due to that very same precision intellect that sees and understands the finest details. In matters of the heart (or matters of practical, daily life also) getting bogged down in the details of an affair can lead to despair. If and when you sense this happening, it might be worth it to remember the polarity point of Virgo, Pisces, and it’s lesson to dissolve differences. 

Mercury in Virgo is available to everyone, there are no restrictions, however, the potential is greater for some and accessed uniquely by all dependent on the individual’s chart. Those with Virgo Sun, Rising, or Moon for instance certainly have much potential with this transit as well as one with any planets in Virgo. The way in which it can be utilized is dependent on where Virgo is in your chart, which depends on your birth time, date, and place.

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