The Positives of Mercury in Retrograde by Psychic Avril

Published Date 6/30/2013
Category: Astrology

The cosmic dust that's thrust upon us is magical!

This year, Mercury in retrograde (MiR) is June 26 to July 20th and October 21 to November 10 2013.

Mercury goes direct as it moves away from us. When Mercury moves closer to Earth, it’s going into the retro (like 80's fluorescent coming back in style). This force pushes cosmic dust and rays towards our beautiful planet.

The planets reactions to physics can make either us victims or the victorious ones!  With the invisible cosmic rays falling down on us, digital devices freeze up, telephone wires fry up, cellular towers fail or cell phone connections short out. Airplanes can also receive these extra particles of cosmic movement. 

Expecting that life will be more difficult is not recommended.  Yes, there will be setbacks, but when we get in the flow it can be liberating.
Don’t despair! Cosmic dust is similar to pixie dust; it’s created by a cute little clumsy but magical faerie creating a cute little happy accident.  When we accept that there is a greater purpose in our lives, it can be a break we need. That “Ah ha” moment allows us to reflect on a greater event that does work in our favor. Cupid is working his magic!

The point I'd like to bring to your attention is that if you’re connected to your higher power, and if you trust in the miracle of the universe, you’ll receive more peace and extra stability. If you do trust, you won't even notice that Mercury is in retrograde, because you will be having the time of your life.

So, if the internet goes out, you may meet a really sexy librarian. If your car breaks down, maybe a hottie will give you a ride.  It's a magical time, and the best thing to do is go with it! Being trapped in an elevator could be the greatest single event in your entire life… you never know.

As a numerologist, this is a reminder to me that Mercury, the closest planet to our magnificent Sun, is cycling around it every 88 days (sidereal* period), passing by us eight times a year. Try visualizing the number eight as an infinity symbol, providing balance, harmony, waxing and waning. Add eight plus eight to make 16 and one plus six to make the number seven, which is an angelic number. So, eight times a year we are reminded that our guardian angels help balance life out.

I advise my Psychic Source clientele to prepare three days before and after each time Mercury is in Retrograde by simply breathing and patiently awaiting a reflective, much needed, happy accident. I am happy to give astrology readings advising new clients on how to deal and plan for the next Mercury Retrograde. Every night during universal sidereal time, I download the center of the Universe’s messages to give to my regular clients. 
Have fun!  
Author's Photo by Avril x7380

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Seagreen1304: What if your in some relationship that you didn't like before the retrograde and its just no so great during, then what wait till the retrograde is over and finally part ways?

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